January 2020 Brags

Rachel Rofe monthly brags
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This is my latest monthly brag post, where I celebrate wins from the prior month.

Please feel free to join in and celebrate yours too.

I’m beginning this post wondering if I want to keep writing these, as I don’t look back at them *that* often… but maybe I’ll be happy I have them in the future.

At any rate, here are some of the wins from January 2020 in no particular order.

1. The biggest win is that my mom’s cancer is still not aggressive! We went to Penn Medicine at the end of January to check and her scan shows that everything is still roughly the same. This is great news, obviously. :)

2. To try and keep her mind off of the upcoming scan, my mom booked a trip to Vegas. Don, my stepdad, mom and I took a fun short trip to Vegas where we saw great shows (Tenors Of Rock, O), ate at great restaurants (Vic and Anthony’s – my favorite!, Hell’s Kitchen, etc).

The picture here is from our visit to Hell’s Kitchen.

3. After New Year’s, I stayed in Utah with friends for an extra day or two. We went to a one of the nicest hotels I’ve stayed in and had a great time (until almost all of us got elevation sickness, ha!).

4. After being back from Utah for a day, Don and I flew to Jamaica. We stayed there from January 6th through January 15th and had an incredible time being in warm weather, eating fresh delicious foods, and taking life a little slower.

We had many fun experiences there too, like going to Martha Brae’s vineyard, Negril, and swimming many days away at Doctor’s Cave beach.

We had lots of cool rainbow experiences too – one day we were swimming in the beach while it was both raining and there was a rainbow.

5. I got Lasik surgery on a whim.

I wasn’t sure if I could call this a “win” right away as it was a bit of a traumatic experience. Nobody told me what to expect during surgery, so I laid in the surgery bed looking at a green light as instructed. All of a sudden my vision went completely dark, there was a lot of pressure on my eyes, and it smelled like burning hair. I was screaming “I can’t see! I can’t see!”

That wasn’t great, ha, but now that it’s a few weeks after surgery I can see far and I’m told my vision will get even better. This can probably be labeled as a big win with a traumatic detour. ;)

6. I gave away my Take Control of Your Life book for a few days in January because I thought it could help people with their goals. (My short books are solely meant to help people and any extra revenue is gravy.)

The book got to #1 in “time management in business”, #2 in self help short reads, and top 10 in self help overall.

7. I made a few big hires in January 2020 for our print on demand and fulfillment center. We hired both a CFO and an HR exec.  I think both of these hires will be great for CustomHappy and also help with our profitability goals.

8. While in Jamaica I shared a course about how to sell children’s books with my audience. A lot of people really liked it and I’m hoping that the ones who picked up the offer kill it with their books!

9. I went to a very impactful event in Miami with my mentor. This was probably the best event I’ve been to of his so far – for some reason I finally just “got” things that I hadn’t before.

10. There were some financial numbers I felt like I didn’t have a good grasp on at CustomHappy and they were stressing me out. I took time in January to get very clear on the data. This ultimately made me feel way better, allowed me to make empowered decisions, and actually showed me that things were significantly better in some areas than I had thought!

11. I decided to do another round of 12 Week Year to start out 2020. I haven’t done this in a while but I actually LOVE the structure it gives me. I made compelling 12 week goals, broke them down into weekly amounts, and got an accountability partner. I love the structure this plan gives me and I’m thrilled to be back on it.

12. Students from Jumpstart and Low Hanging System are continuing to do a phenomenal job.

Here are some of the latest wins:

So, what about you? Anything you’d like to celebrate?

In a fun twist of fate, I actually ended up going through old brag posts while writing this one. Turns out I’m glad I have them, ha, so I’ll continue writing! I hope you join. :)

Rachel Rofe monthly brags

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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