July 2019 Brags

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Welcome to the newest brag post in my monthly series, where I list out wins from the previous month so that I don’t let life pass me by without stopping to celebrate. :)

As always, you’re welcome to join in by commenting below!

And now, for some wins, in no major order:

1. I got the best completely unsolicited letter from a charity that Wil Mattos and I helped organize support for back in 2011:


It’s amazing that they’ve been able to hold that money for over 8 years now. Obviously they’re fiscally responsible, so if you’d like to donate you can do so here.

This month I also got a sweet postcard from this charity, which I signed up to support over the summer.

2. There was a lot of travel in July. I went to Denver first for meetings with my mentor (and we stayed at the beautiful Broadmoor Resort – the picture here is part of the hotel view), then to Wichita to spend time with family and friends, then back to Denver for Justin Sardi’s YouTube training.

It was really fun and each trip held something special.

At the Broadmoor, I enjoyed tons of beauty, got a really sweet compliment from a worker there (he told me that he and his coworkers noticed that my bright / bubbly / smiley self made them all feel happier), and got some amazing advice from my mentor. We worked on 12 week goals, laid them out, and started to engineer how to make them happen.

On the day before I flew out, I got to have breakfast with a good friend and then ran into more friends at the airport.

Wichita was very fun – we saw Don’s family and friends, took part in a crawfish boil, visited salt mines 650 feet underground, I went to Zumba 3x, and generally had a great time.

Justin’s YouTube training was fabulous as well. I learned a lot and it was fun to hang out with him, his wife Nikki, and the attendees.

3.  I’ve continued to have profound changes via working with Mindfix. This is one of the most powerful mindset changing things I’ve ever been a part of (Top 2 for sure, maybe Top 1!).

4. I filled out my gratitude lists 26 out of 31 days, which is great considering I’ve been traveling a lot and normally structure them as part of my workday.

I took time for clarity on 15 days (13 by myself, 2 as part of the business meetings at the Broadmoor).

5. I processed 5 figures worth of sales as an affiliate for a promotion on a product I believed in.

6. We’re working on some data issues, but we without a doubt produced a lot more at the warehouse this year versus July 2018.

7. We’re still seeing great results in Jumpstart and Low Hanging System. Here are some of the latest:

I think that might be it this month. Travel took up a big chunk of time and I can’t remember anything else to report.

How about you? Anything you want to celebrate?

July 2019 brags

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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