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So at the Playboy Mansion, I met this AMAAAAAZING girl named Jaime Mintun.

Pretty much ever since, I’ve been hanging out with her. She’s like my long lost best friend (although I still adore and love all of my other friends very much. :))! We’re both VERY similar… young female workaholics, love a lot of the same things, have a lot of the same goals…

We’ve been having so much fun!! She’s showing me all the fun places around Los Angeles, and realllly making me want to move here.

(There’s a sugarless bakery in L.A.!!!)

I went to this cool open mic last night in Venice. It was really interesting… I’d never been to anything like it. It was a very free, happy vibe, for the most part. Good times. :)

The most important news of all – Jaime and I are going to go to San Francisco this weekend to see Tim Ferriss (author of 4 Hour Workweek). If you’ve ever talked to me in person, you’ve heard me rave and rave and rave about this book, so you know how ecstatic I am about this!! We already got on the guest list for the club that he’s going to be at… !%@%$#@#!#@… I simply cannot wait!

In one day from now, I’ll have met Tim Ferriss!


(I’m going to make him fall madly in love with me, and will post pictures from our honeymoon A.S.A.P.)

Next week, I’m going to San Diego. I bartered for some office space there, so I’ll be able to access it 24/7. I’ll just sleep in the office, which is WAY exciting… and I just have to build an amazing website in return. No problemo!

This month is going by so quickly… it’ll be over before I know it! Boo!

BTW, if anyone’s going to WIME, I’m trying to organize a skydiving trip during one of the days. Jason James and Dan Kelly are confirmed so far… let me know if you want to come. :)

BTW again, here are two pictures that Simon Leung gave me (I was wearing Jason Moffatt‘s hat in them. I think I stole a lot of people’s accessories that night.)

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