March 2020 Brags

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Welcome to March 2020’s brag post.

If you’re new to these posts, they’re essentially posts where I share wins for the previous month. They help me savor the great things that have happened and help focus on positive momentum. I always welcome you to share your wins in the comments below, too.

March was not a typical month because I started self-quarantining on March 12th. I got pretty sick for a couple weeks after that and was too exhausted to do much of anything.

That said there aren’t many wins, but here’s what I do have:

1. I made a last minute decision to go to WebinarCon, an awesome invite-only event in Maryland for people who run webinars.

I had a great time there meeting wonderful people, making some business deals, and starting some good new friendships. I also learned a ton.

It was an excellent event and I’m really glad I went.

2. I got a lot of Gabe time in March. He and my sister quarantined with us for 2 weeks and had a blast. We wrote a little Kindle book, did a bunch of  his schoolwork, and overall had a lot of really nice bonding time. He’s such a perfect little dude.

3. When Pennsylvania had orders to shut down businesses, people at our fulfillment center immediately looked to find solutions to keep serving our customers.

Our team pivoted to taking work from home (bringing home printers, mug presses, labelers, laptops, etc) and there were also several people willing to quarantine themselves inside our building so that service to customers wouldn’t stop. That’s pretty amazing and really speaks to the quality of the team there.

4. I’ve been doing a good job keeping up with community since all of the quarantining. I’ve been on lots of Zoom calls, regular calls, and Marco Polos. It’s helping a lot.

5. We’ve brought in some big new clients at CustomHappy. Business is booming!

6. I went through a few for-fun classes on Udemy which has been really fruitful. It’s nice to have extra time to learn.

7. People in Jumpstart and Low Hanging System are still doing a fantastic job! Here are some of their latest wins:

What about you? Any wins you’d like to share? I’d love to hear!

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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