Marketing to Millennials – with Ryan Jenkins

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Marketing To Millenials | A Better Life Podcast

Podcast Overview:

By 2015, millenials – those born in the 80’s and 90’s – will be responsible for more buying decisions than any other group out there.

In this episode, Ryan Jenkins and I talked about why millenials are so different from any other generation, what’s important to them, and how to market to them.

I thought this was a fascinating look into the worldview of millenials and learned a lot, even as a millenial myself.

Ryan’s Bio

Ryan Jenkins is an internationally recognized Millennial keynote speaker and author. He helps organizations and leaders gain clarity around the Millennial generation so that they can effectively lead, communicate, and brand in tomorrow’s multi-generational marketplace.

Ryan runs a blog and podcast at where he inspires audiences with practical next generation leadership, communication, branding, and productivity advice.

Ryan has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Mashable, and Yahoo!. He has shared the stage with fellow thought leaders from iconic brands like MTV, Facebook, and Uber.

When Ryan is not speaking and writing, you can find him sampling craft beers from around the U.S. or religiously cheering on the Denver Broncos with his wife and yellow labrador from their home in Atlanta, GA.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: – Ryan’s website

3Millenial targeted Super Bowl Ads that hit and missed the mark – Ryan’s post

Snapchat – The site that Ryan uses and mentioned has great marketing opportunity.

Zendesk recruiting video – This link takes you to the origin post and links you to the video

Interview with Pat Flynn and Ryan Moran – Ryan makes a lot of money by selling physical goods on Amazon.

Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google)’s quote – “Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until  2003?, according to Schmidt. That’s something like five exabytes of data, he says.

Ryan’s Twitter – Where we met.

Episode Transcript

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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