Here are some master lists I use for outsourcing designs…

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I hope you’re doing great and that 2017 has been great for you thus far. :)

Mine started out rocky but the past few days have been great: I’m off to volunteer for a couple hours after I post this, and I had an awesome weekend of playing with Don, my sister, and my nephew. :)

[Side note: If you want a blast of adorable, here’s a 35 second video my sister took of my nephew playing with a gift we got him:]

The main reason I wanted to make this post, though, hehe, is because I thought I’d share some master lists my assistant made for me.

We’re using it to scale designs across all kinds of campaigns.

Here’s the thinking: If we have a mug that says “I love being a barista,” for example, why not change out a word and make one for “I love being a clerk”?

Now we have more products and more opportunities for people to buy.

These lists were originally made for mug designs but you can use it for general advertising as well.

I also realize they’re not completely exhaustive, but they create a great starting point for the most popular types within each category.

View or download them right here:


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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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