May 2018 Brags

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This is the May installment of my brag post series.

Wins are generally pretty random / in no particular order.

1. I put an offer on a dream home and it was accepted!

The house is STUNNING and my first “living” home purchase.

While the house seems a bit big, I followed my heart which kept calling me towards it. I’m thrilled! It has an extra bedroom and a playroom for Gabe, offices for Don and I, a jacuzzi tub looking outside, and a killer deck.

The house is in Pennsylvania. Although PA isn’t my favorite state in the world, being near my nephew is the most important thing to me (and Don – he loves him!) Eventually Don and I want places both here and in L.A.

We settle in July.

2. Don and I have been doing wonderfully. I don’t post about it much but we’d gone through some very rough periods.

I started tracking our relationship so I could make logical (not emotional!) decisions about it. And thanks to some fundamental changes, it’s going beautifully again.

The picture below shows how I’ve felt about our relationship each day.

“Green” is amazing, “orange” is happy, “yellow” is okay.

This feels somewhat weird to post about but it also truly is a huge win and seems like it belongs here.

3. I donated enough to plant a substantial amount of trees with

When I first started CustomHappy, I wanted to make sure we had safeguards in place to keep things running as consciously as possible. I felt (and feel) sick at the thought of making the world worse with all of our shipping. I want to leave the world better than I found it – not vice versa.

Because of that I plant trees to help offset any carbon footprint we make, use recyclable foam mailers, make sure we do a lot of recycling, etc, and I was due for another big plant donation.

4.  Speaking of CustomHappy – we got some pretty cool endorsements over the last few months.

You can check out the full list at and more are coming.

5. And since we’re on the warehouse, I may as well mention that in May we shipped out over 68,000 “print on demand” items and another several thousand regular fulfillment items.

6. Don and I moved from our beautiful home in Las Vegas on May 31st. Although it seems weird, I’m celebrating that we both were so sad to leave it that we cried. We had great times in that beautiful home and are grateful for it.

I kept second-guessing our decision to leave, but we got some clear signs that it was time to leave (for now, at least).

The day before we left we spent the entire day walking around Vegas and doing fun things. This picture is of from during the game of gigantic Connect 4 we played at a random bar we found. :)

7. So that we wouldn’t waste excess food we had when we moved, I put up a Craigslist ad giving away what we had left.

A man came to take it and said it was a huge blessing for him. He’d just gotten a job which was great in the long-term, but it made him lose his government assistance in the short-term. He wasn’t sure how he was going to eat until he got his first paycheck.

I felt grateful to be able to help.

8. Speaking of gratitude, I’ve been filling out gratitude lists near-daily. It’s nice to have that habit, especially coupled with meditation (which I’ve been slacking on a little but I did get to “300 minutes meditated” on May 5th).

9. A HUGE business-win: I’ve been doing weekly “15-5” reports with my mentor where I summarize my work done for the week,  any victories / lessons, and a couple other small things.

Sending this to him each week has helped me profoundly on focusing on my most impactful action items (not the small busy work!).

(Side note – another thing I’ve been doing that’s been very helpful is tracking my time in 15 minute increments. That exercise can really help show you where time-suck black holes are.)

10. We launched the LHS Design Club (sort of – we still need an official sales letter). Even though I could do a better job advertising it, we have welcomed in some new members. Once I make an official letter and advertise it heavier I think this will be a super powerful, popular tool for LHS members.

I’m celebrating updating the letter and getting it out there to some capacity.

11. The weekly webinars for Jumpstart members are going great and LHS and Jumpstart people are still seeing excellent results. Here are some of May’s wins:

12. I posted a new mug to Amazon that got to the “bestseller” charts within a day. At the time of writing it’s #15 and we’ve sold a ton of them.

13. Gabe came and visited us for a while! I actually took him from PA to Las Vegas and he was an absolute angel on the plane. It’s such a win to spend time with him.

14. My investments are doing well! My stocks on Robinhood are increasing in value, I made some good crypto moves, Wealthfront is still plugging along. My ROI is up from last month:

I think that’s everything for now. Please feel free to share your wins too, I’d love to read them!

May brags

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