May 2020 Brags

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Here are my brags for May 2020 – and as always, I’d love for you to chime in with yours in the comments!

In no particular order:

1. There was a bit more family time this month. My mom, stepdad, and brother came over to my house and we saw them for the first time in months. My sister and Gabe also started staying over again for a bit, which was nice! Gabe has his own “wing” in this house with his own bedroom / playroom / bathroom and I love when he’s here and using it.

2. We had an official launch for the Spring 2020 Jumpstart and it went pretty well! I hosted live webinars in the beginning and they went spectacularly. People were very happy with the content and the “conversion rate” (amount of people who ended up purchasing the course) was extremely high for market standard.  I credit this mostly to the thousands of results-getting testimonials that LHS / Jumpstart has. A top marketer said our conversions were “epic”.

While the launch didn’t hit overall sales numbers that I had a stretch goal for, it still made a very healthy profit and I feel very confident that everyone who signed up will be happy that they did if they put the course to use.

3. We planted 800 trees with One Tree Planted, which always feels nice. I try to do this on a regular basis to offset any carbon footprint from the work over at CustomHappy.

4. I’ve still been hosting Zoom dance parties every day (except for 2) which has been super fun.

5. My YouTube channel is getting a small boost from a few videos I’ve added to it. I don’t have tens of thousands of subscribers or anything yet, but I’m celebrating some traction with it.

6. I’ve still been still rocking the 7 Minute Workout and did it every day during May 2020. Actually I’m writing this post on June 6 and am on a 72 day streak (and then did it 6 of 7 days before that).

7. I’ve been doubling down on personal growth and signed up for hypnosis sessions with Stephanie Kwong, started working with a new therapist, and signed up for a personal development event at Choice that my friend Glenn has been raving about.

8. Etsy store sales have been going great on the Etsy challenge store.

There’s been a lot of personal stuff shaking up in my life and I thought some personal development would be very much in order. It’s paying off very well already – I felt huge shifts after my first hypnosis session and while I don’t have therapy “ROI” yet, just talking things out is very, well… therapeutic.

8. Etsy sales were chugging along for the Etsy challenge. This is one of my 6 stores:

9. Amazon also did quite well:
10. More importantly than my results, here’s what some people inside Jumpstart have been saying:
I think that’s it for now – what would YOU like to brag about? I’d love to hear!

May business brags

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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