Michelle Evans on making sure you love what you do

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headshotMichelle Evans on making sure you love what you do.

Podcast Overview:

In this episode, Michelle talks about the specific action steps she took to quit her high-paying job to go into business for herself.  Thanks to some careful planning (which she explains all about) she was able to shift into working for herself without any major transition pains.

Michelle also goes over exactly how you can figure out your “why” and your core values, as well as a neat calendar trick you can use in order to make time for yourself – no matter how much you have going on.

All in all, we covered a lot of ground in our 30 minutes together.

Michelle’s Bio:

From Michelle: Growing up, I constantly heard the old adage – work hard in school, go to a good college and work hard there, then get a good job and work really hard and you’ll find success.

The only thing was… I didn’t feel success.

Instead, I felt tired, guilt, anxious, burned out and like I was surviving life instead of actively embracing and living it.

So, after more than 16 years building someone else’s dreams in Corporate America, I decided to take the leap and build my own dreams and business.

And yes, there have been many, many ‘learning moments’ (aka: MISTAKES) but I would not trade the personal freedom for anything.

Now, I focus on helping others find their own brand of personal freedom, build their own businesses and find their own brand of success with coaching and group training programs.

Each week I feature an inspiring entrepreneur journey on my Breaking Free podcast to inspire people just like you to get out there and build your own dreams.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Values exercise – I couldn’t find the one Michelle talked about, but this does the same thing.

MichelleLEvans.com – Michelle’s main site.

Breaking Free – Michelle’s podcast.

Episode Transcript

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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