My client insists on giving me MORE money!?

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I posted this to my Facebook group about a week ago and wanted to share it publicly as well.

Here’s what I posted:

One of my coaching clients-turned friend just created a product. Yesterday he told me he wanted to split the profits with me. I told him I wasn’t going to say no because I’m actively working on receiving, but he DID pay for coaching and was getting what he paid for. I told him to consider that and I’d be totally fine if he rescinded the offer.

(As a side note, he’s getting one of the biggest names in the industry to promote. This guy alone will be responsible for thousands of sales.)

My client just wrote back:

The reason I paid for coaching was just to get me on your radar initially. Then I wanted to learn from you (not pick your brain lol) and ultimately become friends while helping tons of people of course :)).

Everything else is just a bonus! :)

I think you’re an awesome coach and I really am glad we’re working together. I want you a part of this too because I know we can get it into more hands together than just me alone and I have a feeling it’ll be great value for people.

The more I seem to give, the more I get and I 100% want to split everything this product earns with you.

This guy has been a dream client from day 1. I don’t think my imagination could’ve even conjured a client this ideal.

He is super positive, does everything I suggest… and he hired me off of just TWO facebook messages. I never “sold” a thing.

Talk about running a business easily – this whole thing has been in “flow state” from day 1. Super easy and super magnificent.


BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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