My daily schedule…

Wake up, usually at 7am-ish…

Go to a cafe at Venice Beach and work from 8am – 1pmish…

Go LAY OUT ON THE BEACH for an hour…

And drive to a new cafe for afternoon work.

I love Los Angeles. :D

P.S. I need to post again soon, lots of stuff happening. I’m actually in the parking lot of my Toastmaster’s meeting now (wanted to get over my hatred of public speaking :)), but I’ll schedule some more time in soon. :)

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4 thoughts on “My daily schedule…”

  1. Hi Rach,
    Last time I was in USA, I stayed at Venice Beach for a week or so…Must have been Jan 1990. I thought I should drag out a few pics from my photo album. Just trying to decide if I should put my old passport photo up there…Maybe not.
    I wonder if it still looks the same now?
    Here is the link to my post with photos

    It’s nice to hang out on the beach there.

  2. Oh my..I just joined Toastmasters back here in Singapore..

    You know Public Speaking is the Number One fear in the World?

    Number 2 Is Fear Of Death…

    Can you believe that?

    What it effectively means is this..

    People would rather be the one in the coffin then be the one giving the Eulogy..

    Shree Kay


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