My favorite VA service (they do everything!) + my new self esteem practice :)

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Hope you’re having a SPECTACULAR DAY!!! I sure am!

My internet was down when I made today’s video so I couldn’t answer IM questions (I like to show you what I’m talking about), so I will answer those ASAP. Please keep shooting questions in — I LOVE them and other people are telling me they’re getting a lot of benefit from them!

Today’s video is on 2 things:

1. The virtual assistant service I use – MyFancyHands – to do all my personal tasks (watch the video for examples if you’d like!)

2. My new self esteem practice, and how Otto made it even better. If you want the mp3 I mention in the video just leave a comment with your receipt or a picture of you with the book or just something and I’ll shoot the mp3 to whatever email you comment with. You can buy the book right here if you don’t have it already.

(I get a few cents if you buy through that link, you can feel free to bypass that if it makes you feel better :D)

Here’s the video!

…and I hope you have as great of a day as I’m having!!!

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

0 thoughts on “My favorite VA service (they do everything!) + my new self esteem practice :)”

  1. Hi Rachel,
    I came across your name, and then found your blog over the weekend. I have read and watched nearly everything here in the past few days, and have really loved it! I have found it fascinating, inspirational, and educational!

    You have asked for ideas that you might consider for future vlogs….. I am keen to know a couple of things:

    1. Would you care to blog about how you ended up getting into Internet Marketing? I understand you were in a standard type of job previously, how did you come to find Internet Marketing?

    2. And/or how did you and Dennis come to be partners? How did you find it initially when partnering with someone? How do you work together and who brings what particular skills to the company? And I would be even curious as to what Enneagram personality types and Myers Brigg’s type you both are and if that’s been a factor? (assuming you have thought about it?)

    Once again loving your openness, and inspiring stories, please keep them coming….

    Cheers from Christchurch, New Zealand

    • Aww Rod, thank you so much for that!! I can’t tell you how motivated and excited your comments make me!!

      I will add those to a list and will be happy to blog about them asap. THANK YOU for asking me!!!

  2. I have them do more things such as personal errands and phone calls, but have also used them to format CreateSpace books and do research. They’re phenomenal. I wouldn’t have them do customer service or something though since you get a different person each time.

    Do you have specific tasks in mind? :)

  3. Rachel, not sure your RSS feed is working. Tried to subscribe with Google Reader and only got posts from 2010. Might be worth checking.

    • Oy oy oy, thank you! I thought that got fixed. Did you click somewhere or just do

      Thank you for letting me know, I REALLY appreciate that :)


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