My friends ROCK. Birthday presents revealed:

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Jaime just left my place after being here for a week. While it was AWESOME seeing her, I know she’s much better off now. She’s left to go on a cross country road trip, landing wherever her heart takes her.

Hearing her excitement is making me SUPER NOSTALGIC for when I used to do that. On the same note though, it feels nice to a routine going on.

While Jaime was here, she gave me a book that she created for my birthday. The book was freaking AMAZING… so I made a video where I read it to you.

And like I said, other friends gave me ridiculously heartfelt and awesome things as well. I know I already blogged about it but you guys didn’t get to SEE it. :) In alphabetical order:

Brian sent me a beautiful bouquet of roses.

Joshua surprised me by putting this swoonworthy poem in my screen door:

Joshua's poem

And Otto gave me this AWESOME framed letter that made me positively melt:

Otto's letter

I know you can’t read the picture, so I typed everything out that it says:

50 Things I Love About Rachel Rofe

1. You’re super-loving
2. You’re amazingly smart
3. You care about others
4. You’re perfect at listening
5. You’re adventurous

6. You’re kind
7. You’re more talented than you realize
8. Your smile brightens the room
9. You’re giving & charitable to others
10. You look for win/win solutions

11. You have immense integrity
12. You’re trustable
13. You’re sweet
14. You’re always there for a friend in need
15. You give your best 100% everyday

16. You live life to the fullest
17. You create that which you want
18. You’re creative
19. You read
20. You’re honest

21. You always express how you truly feel
22. You’re super positive
23. You look at the good in everything
24. You make friends easily
25. You’re funny

26. You love learning
27. You travel
28. You’re great at business
29. You’re open to new things
30. You always do good by people

31. You’re playful
32. You do whatever it takes to succeed
33. You’re spiritual
34. You always bring your A game… especially in Uno
35. You’re a striver

36. You’re very enlightened
37. You work hard
38. You never complain
39. You’re wise beyond your years
40. You think for yourself

41. You’re independent
42. You’re a great cuddler
43. You inspire others
44. You’re calm and centered
45. You’re thoughtful

46. You’re extremely considerate
47. You cherish quality moments with friends and family
48. You build people up
49. You’re confident
50. You’re constantly growing youself

Bonus: :) You’re Great at life!

I love you Rachel and wish this is the best year of your life to date and things only get better and better from here forward.

I just had to share, because all of these made me feel SO MASSIVELY GRATEFUL and reading Jaime’s book opened up all the memories from my birthday again. :)

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