My laptop was stolen!

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I just emailed this to my list and thought I’d share here too. :)


The other day my laptop got stolen.

It was at a high-end business meeting in a secure room with people I’ve known all year. I put my computer bag and my purse down so I could help some people pack up our meeting room.

When I came back, my laptop and all my cash was missing.


To add insult to injury I called Carbonite (where I back up my computer) and they told me that apparently my computer had been in “Recovery Mode” since May.

In laymen’s terms… nothing was backed up.

I definitely lost some momentum. I’d been on a major roll. Luckily I do have Dropbox which had some things on there, though many of my major projects were on my desktop, forever gone.

While I could’ve been angry (and trust me, I definitely had my moment), I decided I wasn’t going to let it stop me.

As I drove to file my police report the next day, I decided I was going to fight “darkness” with light. I rolled down the windows in my car and sang loud for the whole 45 minute trip, making people near me smile.

I paid the toll for the guy behind me on the Golden Gate bridge.

And I bought a new Macbook Air, which is WAY lighter than the Macbook Pro. I love it.

As I was buying my computer, the Apple salesman told me he published a book about his life story. He felt it was really important for the world to know about it but had no idea how to get any sales. I started coaching him on some of the stuff in Page One Profits.

He was VERY grateful and I felt awesome to be able to help.

Crappy things are always going to happen… but luckily, we have the power to choose how we want to respond to them. :)

I hope this message proves timely for you today. :)

With love,

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

0 thoughts on “My laptop was stolen!”

  1. Rachel,

    Great story, thanks for sharing. It’s a great reminder for me to be more proactive in handling disappointment and these really aggravating setbacks that are nonetheless not life-altering.

    On the carbonite issue. Did they say how to make sure you’re not in recovery mode?

    Keep up your great work.

  2. Wow Rachel Rofé! That's really got to effin' suck. To add insult to injury, you mention that these were people you knew (and I guess, knew you) and you were still "taken".

    I'm impressed, amazed, and otherwise astounded that you weren't angry over this longer than you were.

    Man, I may be just as mad as you were (if you'd been really mad)… Grrrr…

    • I haven't completely ruled out that someone else got on the floor somehow. It'd be weird since each elevator floor had a new key, but… like I said, I knew those people all year and it seems weird that someone there would take it. Whatever it is, I guess there's no point spending energy on it, eh? <3 Thank you for your comment!! :)

    • Yes, as you mention, no point in spending any more energy on it, unless… You did file the police report, and if you get it back, there's energy to expend on transferring stuff from it to your new 'puter (after scanning for virii)… ;)


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