November 2019 Brags

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Welcome to the latest edition of my monthly brag posts, where I celebrate some of the great things that happened the month before. I wish more of you would join in, lol, because this is very fun!

Anyway, here are some of my latest wins, in no particular order:

1. I enjoyed some wonderful travels again.

The first trip was to Austin, where I hung out with my “tribe” and had a fantastic, fulfilling time. I always feel so restored / happy / whole when I hang out with this group of people.

2. A few days after getting home, I took a trip to Miami to spend a few days with my good friend Ruchi.

We had a great time catching up, hanging out on the beach, exploring Little Havana, and spending time with each other.

I hadn’t seen her for a few years so this was a real treat.

3. From there, I went to Salt Lake City to experience some incredible bodywork (to put it lightly).

I know that sounds vague, but some highlights of the trip were that I got significant relief from some vertigo I’d been experiencing, had some profound realizations, and released some significant trauma from my body.

4. And from there, I went to Las Vegas for a quick visit.

I stayed at The Wynn (where the picture here is from) and loved walking around and visiting some of my favorite old haunts. I only stayed for a couple days but it was great.

5. There were lots of other fun “live life” moments, including taking a few day-trips to Bryant Park, hanging out with family every weekend I was home, book club, and so on.

6. Business went well in November. We had some great sales numbers (including very successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions), are getting a 4x return or so from our Facebook ads at the moment, and ran some very successful affiliate promotions on products I really believe in. The month was a big financial success, not even counting all of my Amazon, Etsy, and eBay sales (which were all up!).

7.  SpotNiches is back up and running – PHEW! This is my favorite tool ever and we ran into some issues with it, but we got some workarounds going and it’s up and being glorious again.

8. The warehouse is doing PHENOMENALLY! Even with Black Friday falling later this year, we still custom-created and shipped out well over 100,000 items, picked-and-packed thousands more, and had an increase of 16.77% from November 2018.

9. Students in Jumpstart and Low Hanging System are celebrating BIG WINS! Here are some of the latest posts from people in the group talking about their recent sales, including some fast “first sales” from folks new to the program, as well as some great advice and comments on how well the program works, how designs specific for holidays can sell year-round, pricing strategies, real year-over-year numbers, and more:

And that’s it, I think! What about you? Have anything you’d love to celebrate? I’d love to hear!
Rachel Rofe 2019 personal and business brags
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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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