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I have a new friend who does palm readings. I got mine done and thought it was pretty neat.

I’ve been finding it super-interesting lately about how so many things that I study match up. My Myers Briggs matches up to my palm reading which matches up to my Wealth Dynamics which matches up to my “Strong Suits” from Landmark Forum, etc…

And it’s all not just regular stuff. For example, a lot of them mention I don’t like abstract thinking, which is not a general thing that can make sense for everyone. The lust for life is also not something everyone experiences, or life getting progressively better from childhood (a Myers Briggs expert pointed out that that’s common for my type – INFJ’s).

The reason I’m into these things is because if accurate, they help you understand yourself and why you do things better. It’s easier to play with your strong suits versus try to push yourself into doing things you’re not innately good at (like abstract thinking for me). The palm reading thing is cool for me because I’ve been finding more and more lately how much wisdom is in our bodies.

Here’s what my palm says about me (along with a picture of my palm so you can follow along):

You have a cone shaped hand, with fair skin and long, tapered fingers. This indicates a sensitive nature, a strong appreciation for beautiful things and a desire to create and connect things that you love. Your strong knuckles, though, indicate that although you are very thoughtful and can become completely absorbed in your own observations, you are grounded in your relationships with others and will at times sacrifice your own feelings to maintain relationships that you think are important.

Your life line, which is the curved line that goes down your palm, is somewhat faint but extremely long with a nice curve. It gains strength as it continues. This indicates that at the start of your life, you were somewhat timid, and separation of your life line from your head line indicates that you did not feel as supported as you would have liked as a child/adolescent. Eventually, though, your desire for self-discovery led you to gain confidence and strength, and the large curve of your life indicates a strong lust for life and a desire to find answers to some of life’s more difficult questions.

Your head line is the horizontal line that begins right above your life line. Your is somewhat short and straight. When making decisions, you tend to get directly to the point, and have a very strong rational ability. You don’t like to be distracted by too many details, and you have the tendency to resist abstract thinking. Others look to you when they need someone ‘with a good head on their shoulders’ and you like to fill this role.

Your heart line is the horizontal line that crosses along your palm closest to your fingers. Yours is particularly strong, and in fact is the most defined line on your palm. You have a huge heart and are extremely skilled at connecting with others and understanding their issues. In fact, this can sometimes overshadow your own problems, and you can get yourself into sticky situations trying to help others when they do not wish to be helped. The crosses at the start of your line indicate that you have been through some difficult romantic and/or family relationships. It’s important for you to focus on your own needs first and evaluate relationships from that perspective so that you can find the partnership that your heart deserves.

If you’re interested in having your palm read, the cost’d be $10 or something, and you would need a clear picture of the dominant hand you write with. Leave a comment on here and I’ll get the details. :)

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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