Some Power Words To Help With Your Marketing

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rachel-and-donThings here have been very, very busy. In no particular order: We welcomed a few hundred members into Low Hanging System, my sister got in a car accident (she’s OK, just did a lot of damage to her car), I had an inexplicable 24 hour bug on Monday, and I’m prepping to go to Jamaica tomorrow for a few days.

But as they say in Jamaica – Everything’s “irie mon” ;)

The picture to the left is from date night with Don on Saturday. We went out to dinner after spending the afternoon at a farm with my sister and nephew. My nephew rode another pony, went down a Monster Slide (6 second video clip), made s’mores, and basically did anything he wanted as he has me totally wrapped around his (adorable) fingers. ;)

I have a PDF of “Power Words” for you today. They’re words you can use to evoke emotion for your product listings, blog posts, articles, email subject lines, etc.

Research shows that headlines with these types of words are shared more (meaning more traffic, click-throughs, and conversions) and get stronger reactions from people.

And the good news is, it is VERY easy to include them. For example, with a product you can say something like:

“Beautiful golf coffee mug – Guaranteed to love it”

That has 3 power words in there – beautiful, guaranteed, and love.

You could talk about how this mug will be someone’s new obsession (power word), how it’s fully refundable (power word), how when you compare (power word) the mug to others, it’s the most attractive (power word). You can also remind people to get theirs immediately (power word).

Oh man, I could go on all day. ;)

(Side note: there’s a free tool that rates your headlines and use of power words from 1-100. You can use it right here.)


You can find the PDF of power words right here:

100 Words To Create Emotional Headlines

I hope it helps!


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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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