Q Of The Day: Can You Give Me Details On Your Partnership?

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Today’s post is a 2-parter. Someone asked me 2 questions in one, and I didn’t think the first question was sufficient for its own blog post. :)

The first question:

Would you care to blog about how you ended up getting into Internet Marketing? I understand you were in a standard type of job previously, how did you come to find Internet Marketing?

I made a quick video (below) explaining how I jumped into internet marketing and started immediately earning $500 – $800/day:

The second question:

How did you and Dennis come to be partners? How did you find it initially when partnering with someone? How do you work together and who brings what particular skills to the company? And I would be even curious as to what Enneagram personality types and Myers Brigg’s type you both are and if that’s been a factor? (assuming you have thought about it?)

I explained how Dennis and I got started in the video below, the differences in our personalities, as well as our Myers Briggs and Enneagram types.

Please keep all questions coming! Just leave a comment here or ask on my fan page!

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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  1. Thats so cool!! THANK YOU so much for answering! Your story is so inspirational and so full of great ideas and advice. Its really been motivating and helpful to read and watch your blogs.

    I don’t want to monopolise your time as I am sure you have many questions to answer – however I am also a HUGE reader, and I would love to know …..

    What are your all time Top 10 (or more) favourite books for life and business?

    I have heard or read you mention the odd one here and there but thought a list would be so great. Probably doesn’t warrant a vlog but would be a really interesting and wonderful blog post?

    Thanks again
    Rod from New Zealand.


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