Quick tip for getting your social media followers to engage more :)

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As you may know, Doug and I finally launched Viral Buyers System.

The course, in essence, helps you create mega-engaged communities of people who want to buy everything you put out.

It goes over how to set up new pages from scratch, bring fans to them, and keep them extremely engaged.

One of the things Doug does for his pages is to use consistent themes for people to look forward to, like a “Sunday Punday” or “Mailbox Monday“.

Here’s a 2.5 minute video where Doug explains more about this, then I put some theme ideas underneath. Check it out:

Taken with permission from http://ViralBuyersSystem.com

Theme ideas:

Measurement Monday – What have you achieved/done in [NICHE] since last week?

Tip Tuesday – What’s a tip you have about [NICHE]?

Would You Rather Wednesday – Ask “would you rather” questions in [NICHE]. Example: “Would you rather lose your list or your PayPal account?”, or “Would you rather knit a 12 foot scarf with tiny needles or not work on any projects for a month?”

Thoughtful Thursday – Post a note of appreciation for someone on this page.

Funny Friday – Share an embarrassing or funny story about something in [NICHE].

Finish it Friday – Tell the first part of a joke in [NICHE] and let your community finish it. Example: “Why did the scrapbooker cross the road?”

And if you liked this, grab the full course over on http://ViralBuyersSystem.com :)


BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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