Ramblings from my last day in L.A…

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Just some more random stuff – reflecting back on L.A., upcoming cross country road trip, and a mention of some cool websites.

What do you guys want to hear about? Membership sites? yayFOOD? Copywriting? My travels?

I’m sure I’ll be posting more about travel, just because that’s what I love to do… but if there’s something else you want to know about, let me know. I never really made a clear purpose for this site… just kind of randomly said whatever was on my mind the entire time.

I guess I’m just wondering because it seems like everyone has a different opinion. Some people in my mastermind say I should take a more authoritative tone (which isn’t really my style)… but at the same note, I wonder if I should provide more value instead of always just babbling.It seems kind of weird to flip between getting personal and going Internet Marketing…Give me your $.02. :)

(And don’t tell me to have two blogs, por favor!)

Ooo, that reminds me – Jaime and I are making a travel blog for when we go through South America. Our posts from our personal blogs will redirect to that site. We did a fun photo shoot with her ridiculously talented friend, Andrea to get pictures for the blog theme. You can see them here (they’re grouped with the other photo shoot pictures).

But anyway, here’s the video:

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0 thoughts on “Ramblings from my last day in L.A…”

  1. Hey Pretty Girl!

    I’m so glad I caught up with you here…finally? ;)

    I look forward to following your travels and, of course, wish you all the very best along the way.

    Now, if you’re EVER near Tulsa (that’s still in Oklahoma), I hope you’ll look me up and I’ll meet you over a nice “drink of our choice” :)

    Be safe, have fun…you’re only young once!

    All My Very Best To You,


  2. Rach, I agree with everyone. Cover both. They’re both who you are. And you’re so cute when you ramble, we all love it anyway. :)

    I miss you SO MUCH and I’m so glad I have your blog to come to just to feel close to you. Glad you’re having an amazing time and just think, in four days I’ll be on my road trip too and I’ll be adventuring about eight hours south-east of you!

  3. Andrew: Hey you. :) For sure! I won’t be in the USA in Jan/Feb anyway, actually – probably Australia or Thailand.

    I SHOULD stop in Singapore, though!

    I never did have that plugin for this blog. I should get it, though. What’s the one we use for our mastermind? (I’ll gmail search if you don’t remember and/or don’t answer soon. :))

    Brian: Bite me.

    Tajwar: Fair enough… thanks for that. You’re probably right. =)

    Chris: Awesome!! Brian lives in Rio, actually, so I’ll be staying with him – thanks for the offer, though ,and maybe I’ll take you up on it anyway – always awesome to know lots of people.

    I’m going to miss you as well, HOWEVER, I was talking to Justin and he’s coming to Buenos Aires with me in December (he committed and now I’m holding him to it. :)). You should too!

    And when I say “should”, I mean “really need to”. :)

  4. NOOO!!!! I’m going to miss you! My favorite internet marketing party girl… :(

    I can’t wait to hear more about your trip?

    Wait wait… where are you going in S America. Alex has Brazil on lockdown if you need some connections down there.

    I’m going to miss you.


    For the blog. Do a mix of cool internet marketing stuff, how you making millions online and having a blast traveling the world :)

    Okay as you say, too many smilies. Ok… one more. :)


  5. I think both is a great idea. It is awesome and ispirational to get a view of how your adventurous your life is and at the same time I think many would appreciate it if you helped them to get on route to be where you are by giving some details about your specialties…

    (like membership sites and copywriting):-)

    Thats my 50 cent..lol

    Talk to ya later!

  6. “I’m pretty good at spending money”

    Not gonna dispute that!

    I just hope some of that money is spent on beers for me in Rio :D

    Catch ya soon,

  7. Hey Rach,
    Sounds like you have a fun time ahead of you.

    I guess if you’re in Montana or Nebraska or some faraway place, it means i can’t easily visit with you when I’m in Vegas next Jan/Feb then.

    Hmm…but if you’re in my neck of the woods during yr upcoming trip, gimme a buzz!

    PS: What happened to yr email notification for blog comment updates plugin?

  8. you raise some good points, Mr. Fellman :)

    i think i’d love l.a. if i hung out with toastmasters/seminar people sooner… if i end up in usa, i’ll probably be back. =)

    but thanks for your input on the blog… youre probably right. just feels weird, i’ll get over it though. :)

    and btw – awesome 4 hour workweek post the other day. raised a very interesting spin, at least for me… :)

  9. aww – Rachel – you look good, my friend…

    The ‘love hate’ thing with LA is because you were only there for a short time. After living their a few years – most people either love it or hate it — LA’s like that.

    My wife and I *Love* it – as you know. We’ll hold down the fort for you when we move out there next year.

    As for ‘personal vs marketing’ — well, it’s “rachel rofe dot com”, my vote would be “all about rachel” — marketing is what you do – but you’ve got a fun exciting life – and I think people want to hear about that too.

    So, I vote for *both*.

    Have fun in your travels – I’ll watch for you on twitter. :)


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Rachel Rofe's three free print on demand reports include your guide to finding untapped niches, 10 products that made over $1000 and the Etsy trends report.

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