September + October 2019 Brags

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Welcome to my newest brag post!

I’ve been a little behind, so this is September + October 2019 together.

If this is the first brag post you’ve seen, I create these posts to stop and “smell the roses” on wins and other great things that happened in previous months.

You’re always welcome to join in by sharing your wins in the comments. :)

And now for some brags, in no particular order:

1. I’ve been doing a lot of living these past few months. September started out with 2 trips – the first to Austin to hang out with many friends, then the majority of us flew from there to an event in Utah for Baby Bathwater (an entrepreneur adventure mastermind I’m in).

Both groups were full of some of the most epic people I’ve known and I had an incredible time in both places.

I’ve felt a lot like I’ve felt my “tribe” lately, and it feels great to enjoy a long-term sense of belonging / connection to a group. I’ve never had this before.

2. I took my mom on a 2-week trip to Israel in October and to say we had an incredible time is an understatement. We had the most magnificent, soul-fulfilling, healing, adventurous, PERFECT trip.

We explored Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem, swam in the Dead Sea, met great people, ate some of the best food on the planet, had spectacular conversations…

Really, I don’t even know how I’d start documenting how amazing this trip was (and it deserves an entire blog post of its own). I’ll just say that the experience was sublime and I can’t wait to go back.

3. The launch for our newest Jumpstart went very well! Between that, promoting an incredible done-for-you offer, and some other things, October was one of our highest-revenue months for 2019.

To me, revenue signifies the amount of people who trust me in signing up for life-changing offers, and I’m grateful for all the people that signed up.

And speaking of gratitude, I’ll post full group screenshots down below but here was an especially nice piece of feedback I got on my birthday (9/25) about my courses:

4. We spent lots of family time together every weekend I was in town. Gabe usually sleeps over every Saturday night and then my sister and mom join us on Sunday.

We always find some kind of fun activity to do, and the picture here is from when we all went to the Pumpkinfest at a local farm.

And speaking of family, here’s a fun gif of Gabe with his favorite birthday gift this year; a Ryan’s World Mystery Pirate Chest! (I don’t know why the reviews on that are so bad; that thing was amazing! haha ;))

5. We had a lot of affiliates promote both Jumpstart and Low Hanging System and conversion rates were great.

Depending on the affiliate, we had between 12 and 23 out of every 100 people who watched my sales presentation end up signing up.

6. We landed some more big clients for CustomHappy, including big companies who need print-on-demand services as well as those who want regular fulfillment services (where they send in their already made products and we dropship to their customers). Our sales guys are doing a great job.

7. Speaking of CustomHappy,  business is chugging along beautifully.

Some fun stats:

In September 2019 we made 24.06% more products than in September 2018. We custom-downloaded designs, created the products, and shipped out about 65,000 items, then we fulfilled thousands more already-made items.

In October 2019 we made 89.64% more products than in October 2018. We custom-downloaded designs, created the products, and shipped out about 109,000 items, then we fulfilled thousands more already-made items.

8. I bought my first higher-end piece of art.

The picture here picture doesn’t do it justice, but I saw this piece in Jerusalem and absolutely fell in love.

9. People in Jumpstart and Low Hanging System are doing really well. Here are some of the things people have posted recently:

I think that’s it. So what about YOU? Any wins you’d like to celebrate? Please, comment below! :)

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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