Some of my go-to juice and smoothie recipes (for HEALTH and ENERGY!)

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A lot of people have been asking me lately about recipes for juices, smoothies, and other energy potions. :)

Here are some of my favorites:

Lemon-Ginger Blast:

I have this one every morning. Lou Corona was the one who came up with it, and the guy is a freaking BEACON of health knowledge. He’s 57 and looks like he’s 25, tops. I can tell you countless stories about him that would blow your mind (like how he started working with a paraplegic whose head was tilted to the left hand side all the time… and two years later, the guy become a yoga teacher).

Lou has been having this recipe every day for the past 20+ years.

I like to have it every morning, and then I wait an hour before having anything else to allow my body to fully digest it. The entire combination is WONDERFUL your metabolism.

1 lemon (super-alkalizing)
2 apples (for taste I think, but apple’s also a great blood cleanser)
1/2 inch to 1 inch of ginger (so amazing for digestion)
Pinch of cayenne (internal fire – really gives you energy, especially the more you add on – but use sparingly till you’re used to it)
4 oz of purified water

When I first started drinking it, the taste was too much for me to handle (I was also putting in just 1 apple). I put in pineapple to dilute the taste.

I don’t do that anymore, and I also put in a jalapeno instead of cayenne. As you get more and more used to it, you can increase the intensity of the pepper.

I’m not saying this drink is my favorite tasting out of all of them that I make – but because I know how wonderful it is for my body, I happily drink it. The pineapple made it a lot better when I was using that as a transition.

I know Lou adds stuff to it, and so do I now. The beauty with this drink is that you can add ordinarily bitter tasting veggies and you can’t taste them at ALL inside the drink. This is a phenomenal way to get your greens in without having to deal with not liking the taste :) I’ll usually add parsley, kale, cilantro, or dandelion greens. If I want a big batch I’ll also add celery. Celery is super-hydrating (they say 4x more than water), but I usually just add it because it juices really well and gives a lot of juice-base very easily.


This is a smoothie recipe I tell people about when they want to start having more healthy stuff, but want some delicious transitional drinks before committing to too much.

It’s incredibly filling and REALLY delicious. When Tim stayed here for a week, he tasted all sorts of delicious things (including my prized Tsoynamis), but said this was his favorite. :D :D :D

For this, you need a mason jar (they cost around $1 or less – I just got a box of 12 for $8 or something) where you soak RAW almonds with purified water. This helps remove the enzyme inhibitors so you can get all the benefits from them. Soak them for 12 hours, change the water (it’ll be dirty), and then soak for another 12 hours.

How much of each ingredient will really depend on how many people you’re making it for.

If I were making it for myself, I’d put in a small handful of almonds, some purified water, a small banana, an orange, and 4 dates.

When you put the dates in, it usually works better if you chop them up to lots of little pieces first – even if you are putting them in the blender.

This is incredibly delicious and VERY filling. I made Otto a mason jar full for his 6 hour ride home and he was stuffed – so stuffed, in fact, that when someone invited him to his favorite restaurant later that night, he had to think twice. (If you knew how much he loved that restaurant, it’d mean a lot to you ;)).

That means you can use this as a meal replacement. It’s super cheap, super filling, and much more healthy than most things you’ll find elsewhere.

Chocolate Jump

This is an insanely energizing drink I have.

I won’t list the ingredients since it comes in a mix, but there’s 23 of them. I like to have this when I want a healthy drink that’s fast. I’ll just mix the powder with agave or dates or honey and make a smoothie out of it. I’ve been meaning to buy an ice cream maker so I can make ice cream out of it, too!

My friends Steph and Todd sell it, and I’ve been thinking about selling it too. I made a super-quick (think: 2 hours or less) site for it at that I desperately need to update, but as of right now I’m shooting orders their way. It was on my goal list to sell 500 this month though so I plan being more diligent about it soon. :)

(This post is not to sell it, though – it’s just to give my favorites. I thought this would be a good one to add because of how energizing it is and how QUICKLY you can make it – which I know is a factor for a lot of people).

Some of my other favorite drinks:

Yerba mate tea – Energizing, great for focus and clarity
Spinach/orange juice – Something about this combination just screams DIVINITY to me. It tastes so damn delicious!
Watermelon juice – Super-yummy. As my body gets cleaner and cleaner, I find that it almost gets TOO sweet now, so I dilute it with water for massive perfection.

If you haven’t read my post on the differences between juices and smoothies, that might be of benefit too :)

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

0 thoughts on “Some of my go-to juice and smoothie recipes (for HEALTH and ENERGY!)”

  1. I will definitely let you know what I think. : )
    Yes, today I held 2 tsp of cayenne in my mouth for 5 minutes. It’s amazing, it isn’t even unpleasant at all anymore.. it almost tastes good! But habanero peppers eh? I’m going to have to up my game!
    Are you sure that wasn’t a pickup line from Lou? “Hey baby, I can tell your lymph system is sluggish. I know how we can speed it up..”. That would woo any woman I think! Hahah, j/k. Ya that is pretty crazy. I have met many people who through experience have developed very refined sensory distinctions in their respective fields of expertise. It looks like magic. : )
    How could I say no to a raving recommendation like that? I will definitely give Lou a call in the next few days and tell him you made me! And I can’t wait to hear what he says is wrong with me upon first sight. = )

  2. Wow thanks for sharing.. I can’t wait to give these a spin!
    Lou sounds like an amazing guy, I might pay him a visit.. looks like here’s here in So Cal.
    Spinach/orange juice isn’t a combination I would have thought of, but I love them both individually.. now I must experience said DIVINITY!
    You aren’t kidding about cayenne being “internal fire”. Talk about a miracle food! I have read story after story about people who solved life threatening cardiac/circulatory issues with this pepper. I have some crazy tolerance for it, I take ground cayenne straight in my mouth with no chaser. It freaks people out, which is fun. : )

    1. :) Let me know what you think!

      And I can’t believe you can take cayenne with no chaser!! That’s crazy!!

      Then again, I think Lou now puts 2 habanero peppers in his juice per day, so I guess you can work up a tolerance. :)

      Definitely give him a call if you want. I’m getting some bloodwork done by him this Friday when I’m in town, and it’s supposed to be quite profound. He was telling me one story about how he worked with Miss Fitness U.S.A. She had no idea why she was having weird issues and through the bloodwork, they found her liver to be running slow (super-common). Just by LOOKING AT ME, he could tell me that my lymph system was sluggish. Crazy right?

      If you want to give him a call, tell him I sent you! :) His # is 1-800-240-6077.


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