Some of what I’ve learned so far (face reading)…

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So far I’ve learned a bit from the face reading workshop.

This is a 3,000-year old science that has been REALLY cool to learn.

And it’s amazing that even though it may seem “out there”, we subconsciously use this ALL THE TIME. For example:

  • There have been studies where people were given 7 seconds to look at political candidates’ faces from po’dunk towns. They had to guess which person won the election, and they did it with 70% accuracy. That’s because we’re subconsciously looking for certain things (strong jaw = unwavering integrity, wider faces = more of them to look at so they come across as more “trustable”).
  • Fuller lips signifiy fertility, and it’s one of the things men LOVE in women…
  • Bigger eyes are also something that people gravitate to – and big eyes signify emotional availability…

This stuff is REALLY good to use in every day life too. You can use it to know which supermarket line to go down on, how to communicate with people, how to make a strong first impression, and so forth.

Someone asked me what my GOAL for this workshop is. I don’t really have one… I just like learning all the different psychological and communication meta systems I possibly can. And it’s fascinating how much this stuff works.

There’s a guy here who was the #1 financial banker in the world a few years ago, before he left banking. He’s only coming to ONE day of the workshop out of curiousity and never read Jean’s book before. But when we were talking about how each area of the face talks about a different age, he was surprised. He said when he was 3 years old he got a huge scar on the area of the face that signifies age 27. At age 27, he got in a near-death car accident.

Many people had interesting stories like that.

Of course, one disclaimer – each area of the face can mean 3 things – the time in one’s life (each area of the face signifies a different age), the personality features, and physical issues (that’s why acupuncturists who take this course get accreditation).

So – here’s just some of what I learned yesterday. I am LOVING this!!!

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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  1. Oooops!
    Sorry to send a repeat message! I thought I hadn’t sent the first one properly as it seemed to disappear and now I can see it is there for moderation! Sorry!!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this Rachel – its really helpful and your enthusiasm shines! I couldn’t find a follow up post so could I ask some questions?
    I have Jean Haner’s books (All 3!) and am thinking about taking a workshop – did you find the rest of the workshop useful? I mean, was there more information than what is already in the book? Also, do you feel like you still use the stuff you learned on the workshop in your life today?

  3. Thanks so much for posting this Rachel, you explain it really well and your enthusiasm shows. I couldn’t find a follow up post so could I ask you a couple of questions? Did you find the rest of the workshop useful? Is the information in the workshops something you still use in your life today? I have Jean Haner’s books and am thinking whether or not to do a workshop as I am not sure if it goes over the same information that is already in her books.

    • Awesome!!! :) I’ll need your birthday (including year) and 4 photos of you:

      full face, as close up as possible, with hair pulled off forehead, showing forehead to bottom of chin
      one close up of each ear, and
      one of your full profile showing your forehead to chin (hair pulled off forehead).

      (I just copied that from what Jean asks for)

      Once I get home I can do the ‘analysis’ ;)

      I’m excited for it!!! :)

  4. That sounds cool. Whats the name of the book & workshop?

    Want someone to practice on? I can send you my pic for an analysis.


    • The book is Wisdom Of Your Face by Jean Haner, and the Workshop is her 4 day intensive. Would you mind if I make a blog post with your face as an example? I’ll be nice, hehe… but that’d be fun!!


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