Still having a blast!

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I’m still in San Diego and absolutely loving it!

It’s so laid back here… I definitely really dig the vibe. People are awesome and everyone smiles at each other on the streets. People are telling me that I’m going to like San Francisco even more than San Diego, which is hard to fathom, but I guess we’ll see!

(Actually, I think I might like L.A. slightly more than San Diego, but it could’ve just been that I was with Jaime the entire time. I’ll have to re-evaluate. :))

I’ve been staying at a hostel in San Diego, which is really interesting. It’s so weird how people refer to hostel-mates as “The Australian Girl” or “The Norwegian couple” or whatever. I really love meeting all the different types of people, though… I’ve been having a lot of fun with that, and getting myself into all sorts of new situations.

Hmm, so what have I been up to… went to the San Diego Zoo, Mission and La Jolla beaches, the outlet centers, Seaport Village, the Horton Plaza, and Balboa Park… had a good time in all of them. I really, really loved Balboa Park.

I actually met this fascinating man at Balboa Park one day. His father has written 17 different books, and has been a professor of psychology for over 40 years. I got his phone number (!!!!), and I’m going to call him and hopefully get to discuss some of the 493 million questions that I have for him.

I think I decided that I’m going to go to Europe for a lot of months. I mean, I’m paying $23 a night for a hostel, which is $6xx per month. I might as well just get a new apartment in a new city every month in Europe and/or South America, and just explore to my heart’s content.

Being an Internet Marketer is amazing!

What else..

Ohhh, I’m stopping in Laguna Beach on the way to San Francisco. I stole the phone number of the guy with the elevator in his beach house (I’m really good at that) and gave him a call… he invited me back to his house, and they’re going to have a BBQ when I come up. How neat is that!?

I don’t think there’s too much else to report, although I probably should be more religious in my blog postings, as I’m sure I’m missing a ton.

Ohhh, and Happy Birthday (although it’s a day late… but I did call on time :)) to Jason Henderson (aka Mr. Sexist!)


Edit: If anybody wants to come to Las Vegas for my 25th birthday on September 25th, let me know! I expect it to be an amazing time!

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0 thoughts on “Still having a blast!”

  1. well, at least some women who I haven’t even met give me the benefit of the doubt

    I can see how a guy thinking that a mother of five might know how to iron better than him is so incredibly sexist.

    what was I thinking? and to think I was going to barter marketing help which she was asking about for ironing some shirts.

    I can see your point now. I’m getting Big Sexist tatooed on my forehead.


  2. haha.. I’m always really nice.

    Just always really honest, too!

    And you’re not defending someone when you ask if they’re as stupid as Miss Carolina!

    And you’ve never seen ME drunk… but I’ve seen YOU sexist (when I was able to come out from behind the iron long enough to see, that is…)

    Nerd. :)

  3. What in the world? First you call me on my birthday which was really nice, but then you:

    1. call me sexist on my blog for a post where I was defending laura martin
    2. call me sexist on your own blog

    And to think I just installed the dofollow plugin on my blog which granted you quality links back to you blog.

    Should I refer to you as Rachel Rofe, the drunk? ;)

    You are the quintessential Dr. Jekyll and Miss Big Meany

    Talk about a love/hate relationship!!

  4. Andy,

    Awesome, thank you! I definitely plan on getting there sometime soon!

    Let me know if you’re ever in Philly – I’d be happy to do the same :)


  5. Hi Rachel,

    Well if you come to The UK and find yourself in or around Birmingham give me a shout and I will show you around – if you like to party you can there or just chill.

    Have Fun

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