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Through working with The MasterMind Zone, I met an amazing guy named Jambhala. We briefly talked a few times via phone, and then I got to meet him in person at Orlando for the Stomper event (another great friend, Paul Steinberg, invited me to that. Love him!).

Anyway… Jambhala and I hit it off really well, and we started emailing each other on a daily basis. We have great conversations, and the emails are often extremely long (some would probably be over 10 pages if printed out).

It’s always really fun to wake up in the morning and read my daily email from him! :)

Anyway, I digress.

I was writing an email to Jambhala one day and felt like the email sounded really negative. I try to think as positively as possible, so I didn’t feel right about sending an email with that “feel” to it. Because of that, I made myself list some positive things that happened throughout the day.

That has since morphed into making a “Success Journal” (something that I learned from T. Harv Eker). Pretty much, every day when I email Jambhala, I’ll tell him about 5 personal successes that have happened to me.

This is really great for my mindset, and it really forces me to make sure that I have those personal successes.

So why am I telling you all this?

I decided to start posting these successes to my blog as well. Why not? It’s my blog! :)

I welcome anybody that reads this to add their personal successes in the comments, or to make their own journal. It really is very empowering. :)

The lists are going to read like I’m talking to someone. That’s because I am – I’m copying and pasting the lists directly from the emails that I send to Jambhala. I might make a few “Rachel’s notes” sections… but for the most part, they’re verbatim.

So without further ado:
1. Interns call was fun, the whole thing seems really interesting, and I’m excited to do teleseminars. Actually, I might do one with Andrew Wee soon, too.

2. I have the best friends ever. I kind of had a weird situation with a guy that I went on a few dates with (the one I told you about) last night, and the night ended pretty awkwardly. I’d go into details, but at this point, I made the email so long already! Anyway, they gave me some great advice, and it worked out well. :)

3. I’ve been using this ninja strategy to get top rankings for certain lenses. I ended up getting to be #1, #3, and #7 for “*** (Rachel’s note: took that out)” on Google, and I made a sale today. Yay!

(Pretty much, I do *** (Rachel’s note: took that out just in case I decide to sell the information). I told Simon and he says I should write a report about that and all of the content ideas that I have for membership sites. It seems like a good idea, but again… focus!!)

4. I reran my WSO (Rachel’s note: I do this under the name “Olga”… long story) and have made 7 sales so far today. :)

5. A few awesome people found my WSO and asked if we could cross-promote, which will hopefully work out well. I’m excited about it!

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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