The Top 10 Qualifications My Clients MUST Have! (Thank you Marie Forleo!)

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I just saw a video from Marie Forleo here where she talks about the top 10 qualifications her clients MUST have in order for them to work with her.

I thought I’d make one of my own and am super-glad I did. Now I can check off potential clients against my list, and if they match, keep them, and if not, peace ’em out!! :)

Here’s my list in video form, with explanations:

And here’s the list written out:

1. They are MASSIVE action takers, focused, and get stuff done!

2. They have a “yes” attitude and are OK with making changes as more information becomes available…

3. They are happy to pay on time and with delight. I don’t need to convince them of my value – they just GET it.

4. They respect my time and energy. They don’t try to “nickel and dime” me and they’re confident I take care of them in the end.

5. They’re grateful for the time I spend with them and openly tell me how much I’m helping them. I get re-inspired to help more every time we talk.

6. They proactively tell other people about me and are ecstatic to do so

7. We work together as a collaboration so we can make masterpieces together… I’m not treated as the “guru”, but an experienced partner…

8. They don’t have their entire lives based on ME (ie my results I give them aren’t going to make or break them – that is too much pressure!)

9. They must have a product or idea that will genuinely add value to the world

10. Open, communicative, compassionate, positive minded and welcome transparency

I like this exercise!!!

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

0 thoughts on “The Top 10 Qualifications My Clients MUST Have! (Thank you Marie Forleo!)”

  1. Well done Rachel – this is a great list. I’m going to do the same thing for my clients. There’s a real sense of abundance about it – we don’t have to take on any old person as a client – there are more than enough exactly perfect clients for us!

    x Denise

    • YES, I totally agree!!! Abundance rocks!!! :)

      I’d love to see your list when you’re done with it.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!


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