This one thing can 3x your e-commerce sales

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How to get more product sales
Today’s post is short and sweet.

It’s a simple, yet VERY powerful technique that will help you really ramp up your product sales passively.

Ready for it? 

Take the same product and put it on multiple sales channels.

I know. So simple. But it packs SUCH a punch! Take this example:

Don and I recently promoted a mug. He listed it in two places:

Shopify – 510 sales

Shopify Sales – 37 sales across 3 campaigns

GearBubble Review

I took the same exact mug, didn’t advertise it whatsoever, made a few listing tweaks, and popped it on a few more sites. Here’s what happened:

Amazon – 38 sales

How to sell on AmazonEtsy – 21 sales

How to sell on EtsyeBay – 1 sale

How to sell on eBay

That 10 minute action brought in a lazy 60 sales (and counting) on ONE mug design.


Most people aren’t Don and won’t bring in 510 sales off of one product. If you sold even 2 or 3 of a product yourself, then popped them on the other sites, you could make 20-30x the sales with just a little bit worth of work.

Super, super simple – but powerful. :)


How I sold 60 products from 20 minutes worth of work - Amazon


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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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