Tonya Leigh on creating a life that your 90-year old self will toast and say, “Well done, darling.”.

paris-france-elegant-apartment-tonya-leigh-835x1024Tonya Leigh on creating a life that your 90-year old self will toast and say, “Well done, darling.”.

Podcast Overview:

If you were to look at Tonya Leigh, you’d think that she was effortlessly beautiful and was surrounded in luxury all her life.

The truth is that she grew up in trailer parks, was an overweight and over-worked single mom, and studied how to implement specific mindset shifts to be able to create a life she absolutely adores now. She has a business she loves, lost any extra weight, and, most importantly — is fulfilled.

Tonya is a master-trained life coach who “fuses personal development with luxurious lifestyle”. In this episode, we talk about the specific mindset shifts that Tonya used, and that you can use to  go from daily “meh” to creating a life that you’re crazy-in-love with.

Tonya’s Bio:

Tonya Leigh is master trained life coach, a former registered nurse, trained sommelier and devout Francophile. Her company, French Kiss Life Incorporated’s missions is simple, to create lives that our 90-year-old selves will toast and say, “Well done, darling.”

With the chic travel society and online programs, Tonya fuses personal development with luxurious lifestyle to inspire women to live with ease, elegance, and everyday ecstasy. She has worked with Oprah and the IKEA Life Improvement Project and spoken to audiences from Paris and Monaco to the deep South on living a well-lived life, the art of femininity and creating heart-centered companies.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: – Tonya’s website.

A Backpack, $20 and a Lear Jet: Tales of a Weekend Adventure – The blog post I asked Tonya to talk about.

StitchFix – What Tonya uses in lieu of shopping.

Episode Transcript

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