Video 7 – Exactly How We’ll Earn A Million Bucks This Year…

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In my Day 6 post, I mentioned that I want to be earning $100,000 per month.

Leanne asked HOW I plan on doing that, so today’s video is all about that.

You’ll soon see that I am NOT a number’s driven person (I leave that to Dennis).

I just like creating content, coming up with ideas, and talking to people. All the details get sorted out elsewhere.

If there’s anything I was unclear on, feel free to let me know. I think REALLY fast and sometimes my thoughts are 10 steps ahead of my mouth. ;)

Edit: I just realized some people out there might think I’m full of crap, so I took a video going into my shopping cart.

Keep in mind this is the GROSS number. I’m not getting all that money – half goes to affiliates, half goes to Dennis. The point is that we have a leveragable system that we can rinse and repeat in many other markets.

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

0 thoughts on “Video 7 – Exactly How We’ll Earn A Million Bucks This Year…”

  1. Hello Rachel,
    You give great info. Thanks for that. I wanted to know if you know anyone looking for someone to be their speaker/presenter for a $10k in a weekend? I will eventually get that program myself but don’t have the time to do it now since I am a teacher and we are preparing for our end of the year testing. I am a presenter and I would love to present this for someone who is not comfortable with the speaking aspect. Just thought I would ask. I live in NC and I am willing to travel some. Thanks again for everything you do.


    • Hey Ros!

      Thank you so much for your kind words!!

      I don’t know of anyone off the top of my head who needs a presenter, but I can certainly keep an eye out as every once in a while I get an email from someone asking.

      Good luck with all of your end of the year testing!!!

      With love,

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for sharing, it is very generous of you to give us an inside look into your business.

    I have a similar business model as you except most of my traffic comes from SEO instead of through lists and acquiring affiliates. I am wondering, what’s your strategy for getting affiliates to promote your products?

    Also, I think it would be cool if you posted a video showing what a typical day is like for you while running your IM business. Like, what do you do every hour of the day when it’s one of those productive days :)


  3. Thanks Rachel :)

    I have lots of questions!

    a) which system/income stream did you build up first I’m guessing it was the membership site?
    b) what would you suggest to others who want to replicate your model?
    c) what can’t be outsourced in your biz?
    d) traffic packages – way more info required on this topic – I see a webinar in your future :)

    • Hey Caleb!

      There are a few ways.

      I’d say my best tip is to go to places with high leverage. For example, when I was doing tons of offline marketing, I worked with a guy who owned an office space sharing building. He knew TONS of biz owners, obviously, so he had a huge network.

      We offered him commissions on any leads he brought to us, and because he was so well connected, it got us in front of a LOT of people.

      When I’m looking for clients now, I’ll look for people that work with a lot of business owners.

      Other examples of people like this would be printers, virtual assistant services, or going to B2B networking events.

      All of those people/places can introduce you to MANY more people.

      We used to do cold calling and postcards, but that’s just not that much fun, so I don’t recommend that any more.

      I also meet a lot of people by just going out to different places, but I know your being 16 might be a little of a hindrance that way.

      HTH, let me know if I can clarify :)


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