Video 8: The Pitfalls Of Most Entrepreneurs…

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I’ve been reading Richard Branson’s “Business Stripped Bare” and I really think a point he made about many entrepreneurs being one-dimensional and only about the bottom line.

I’ve always found that when I’m experiencing the richness of life and doing business to help people, I am WAY happier… and I ended up making a video blog to explain that further :)

(Excuse my voice, for some reason it’s been sounding weird the past couple days!)

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0 thoughts on “Video 8: The Pitfalls Of Most Entrepreneurs…”

  1. Wonderful! I too have read this book! John Mackey of Whole Foods teaches this same thing in a cd series he put out. I am loving your message here! Thank you for this! :O)

  2. I’m probably naive but I actually don’t think the majority of internet marketers are motivated by money for the sake of money (I have visions of Scrooge counting his riches!).

    I think if you dig deeper most are motivated by money to get the means to make a difference to someone’s life – it might be their own lifestyle, someone they love or a cause they believe in.

    People tend to talk more about the means because they are on the journey to (hopefully) achieving the end result.

    • I feel like in the beginning, it starts out being about others for some people… but then the money-getting becomes an obsession.

      I also find that the “end result” is never an end result for a lot of people, you know? There’s always more and more to get!

      That’s just my experience though.

      I also think a lot of men look at it as their gauge of success in life, and become blindsighted by everything else (in the same way that women become obsessed with looks).

      I’m sure that’s true in tons of industries, it’s just a shame sometimes!


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