Want to have a successful print-on-demand business? Try these 8 proven strategies from top sellers

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If you’re a member of the Low Hanging System you know that print-on-demand (POD) is a popular and lucrative business model. With a successful print-on-demand business, you create and sell products featuring your own designs without worrying about inventory or upfront costs. POD is a low-risk, high-reward business that anyone can do from home.

Starting a POD store is just the first step, however. To turn your POD store into a money-making machine, you must have a solid strategy. In this post, I share proven strategies and tips from myself and top LHS sellers that can help you level up your POD business.

Let’s take a look…

Research your target market and niches

To build a successful print-on-demand business, you need to research your target market and niches. You should understand what products are in demand and what kinds of designs are popular among your target audience.

With a better understanding of your niches, you can create designs that cater to their interests and preferences. See what one LHS seller had to say about finding winning niches below:

Learn how to create a successful print-on-demand business

How to use eRank.com

To get started, sign up for an eRank account. Then, use the “Keyword Explorer” tool. After logging in, click the “Keyword Explorer” tab. Here, you can enter a keyword related to your niche or product, such as “dog lover” or “guitar player.”

eRank will then generate a list of related keywords and phrases, along with information about their…

  • popularity
  • competition
  • trends

Look for keywords and phrases with high popularity and low competition. They keywords may indicate a winning niche.

Next, use the “Top Products” and “Top Sellers” tabs to see what products and designs are popular in your chosen niches. This can give you an idea of the types of designs and products currently in demand.

You can use the filters on the left-hand side to refine your search by criteria such as…

  • category
  • price range
  • sales volume

This can help you narrow down your search to the best niches for your successful print-on-demand business.

Once you’ve identified a few potential niches, repeat this process with related keywords and phrases. That way, you can find more opportunities.

Create high-quality designs for your successful print-on-demand business

Designs are the heart of your POD store. You need to create designs that are not only visually appealing but also high-quality. Your designs are what attract customers to your products.

To create great designs, you need to start with a clear idea of what you want to create and who your target audience is. This will help you choose the right colors, fonts, and images for your designs. In general, I find it best to keep your designs simple.

In my experience, text-based designs using one readable, black font work best. You can use tools like Adobe Photoshop or Canva to create these designs. Here’s what one LHS member had to say about design creation:

Come up with design ideas for your print-on-demand store

Use AI like Chat GPT when you can

Using Chat GPT can significantly benefit your print-on-demand business. It can help you…

  • automate tasks
  • improve customer service
  • increase efficiency

For example, one LHS user said…

You can input a prompt like “Create a list of unique Mother’s Day text-based design sayings” into Chat GPT. Then, you’ll receive a response like the following:

Learn how to build a successful print-on-demand business

Chat GPT can help you come up with hundreds of new design ideas in a matter of minutes. Plus, it can help you find new keywords, write your product descriptions, and create customer service scripts.

All of these services can save you time and energy, allowing you to…

  • list more products
  • build relationships with your customers
  • create a successful print-on-demand business

Here’s a video I made about how to use ChatGPT like a boss:

Optimize your product listings

When it comes to selling products online, product listings are crucial. You need to optimize your listings so they’re easy to find and enticing to potential customers.

Some tips for optimizing your product listings include…

  • Use high-quality images
  • Write detailed product descriptions
  • Add relevant keywords to your titles and descriptions

Here’s what one LHS member shared:

Here's how to make a great print-on-demand store

Offer a variety of products in a variety of niches

As part of running a successful print-on-demand business, you want to offer a variety of products in a variety of niches. That way, you can attract a broad customer base.

So don’t limit yourself to selling only coffee mugs, for example. Offer a range of items, including tote bags, picture frames, jewelry, other drinkware, and more.

You should also create designs for a variety of niches. By catering to different interests and hobbies, you can tap into a wider market and provide more personalized products to your customers.

The key is to do your research, identify trending niches using tools like SpotNiches, and stay on top of the latest products. That way, you can keep your print-on-demand business competitive and profitable. Here’s what one LHS user had to say:

Create a successful print-on-demand business for yourself

Use social media to promote your print-on-demand store

Social media can be a powerful tool for promoting your POD store. To showcase your designs and connect with potential customers, you can use the following platforms:

Make sure to post regularly, include relevant hashtags, and engage with your followers. You can also consider running social media ads to reach a wider audience. One LHS member especially likes using Pinterest to promote their products:

Build a winning print-on-demand store

If you’re at a loss for what to post on social media, here’s a helpful blog post: 31 Days of social media content ideas.

Provide excellent customer service

Providing excellent customer service is key to building a loyal customer base. Make sure to respond to customer inquiries promptly and address any issues that arise. You can also consider offering a money-back guarantee. Or you can create a no-questions-asked return policy to help build trust with your customers.

Here’s a pro tip from one LHS member:

Learn how to create a successful print-on-demand business

Monitor how shoppers interact with your POD store

To increase your traffic and sales, it’s helpful to monitor how shoppers interact with your shop. By keeping track of your shop’s analytics, you can gain valuable insights into your customers’ behavior and preferences. And you can use this information to optimize your listings and designs.

Additionally, you can monitor how shoppers interact with your products by…

  • analyzing sales data
  • customer reviews
  • feedback

By understanding your customers’ needs and preferences, you can tailor your offerings to meet their demands. And you can improve your bottom line.

Create a successful print-on-demand business

Having a POD store can be a lucrative and fulfilling business venture. By following these proven strategies, you can increase your chances of success. And you can turn your POD store into a money-making machine. With hard work, dedication, and a solid strategy, you can build a successful print-on-demand business.

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Create a successful print-on-demand business now

I hope you found this post about creating a successful print-on-demand business useful! If you have any other tips or advice you’d like to share, please leave a comment below. And if you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends and followers. 

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Learn how to build a successful print-on-demand business

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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