Want to learn a ton about yourself? Do this exercise!

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While at Eben Pagan and Wyatt Woodsmall’s Personality Patterns seminar this week, I learned a PHENOMENAL exercise for learning a LOT about yourself.

It takes 5 minutes, is incredibly powerful, and will give you a tremendous amount of insight about yourself.

This changed my entire life (look for a follow up blog post shortly).

I’ll tell you exactly how to use this AFTER you do it, so for now, JUST DO IT.  Again – it only takes 5 minutes.

Step 1:

List out 3 people you really admire for one reason another. They can be living or dead, and you may only admire them for one specific reason (i.e. maybe you don’t love all of them, but you really admire one specific element about them).

List out a one-word reason (or reasons) on why you admire them so much, and you MUST do 3.

Step 2:

List out 3 people you despise. If you can’t think of anyone you despise, then anyone that brings up a negative feeling in you, or bad emotions. Again you don’t need to despise ALL of them – there just needs to be one part of them that you really, really don’t like.

Same deal – list out a one-word reason (or reasons) on why you despise them so much, and you MUST do 3.

Step 3:

Post your answers here on the blog. I will tell you what to do with them after you post them.

If you don’t want to give full names, then give initials or something.

I’ll post my answers in a follow-up blog post. :)

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

0 thoughts on “Want to learn a ton about yourself? Do this exercise!”

  1. 1) Flea: great energy
    2) C. Farley: Hilarious
    3)Pele: Skillfull athletic

    1) EH: Jerk for no reason
    2)D: Asshole, sour
    3)L: Fake asshole, unnecessarily jerk.

  2. B.U. because he takes things in stride
    Rachel Rofe for her motivation and ambition
    S.K. for his ability to get along with anyone

    K.M. because she thinks she is better than everyone else
    K.R. because she brings way too much drama to everything
    T.K. because she is so negative

    BTW, I already read the answers. This was really insightful for me. Thanks.

  3. (St.) Thomas More – Integrity
    Shingen Takeda – Leadership
    Krishnamurti – Spirituality

    Torquemada Evil
    Hamid Karzai – Weak
    Bashar Assad – Brutal

  4. 3 People I really Admire:

    1. Richard Branson – Self-made
    2. Burt Rutan – Innovative
    3. Steve Jobs – Maverick

    3 People I Really Despise:

    1. Robert Mugabe – Despot
    2. George W. Bush – Stupid
    3. Adolf Hitler – Inhumane

  5. 1. sense of humor
    2. relentless
    3. perseverance

    1. self serving
    2. puts others down
    3. obnoxious and loud

    PS you did a great job at the seminar this weekend.

  6. Like/Admir

    My Mom- Endurance
    Clarissa Friend of Mine- Compassion
    Chica- Charming


    1)Abusers- All kinds
    2)RACISTS people

  7. I admire – Grandma Luz – rock Mom – strength Anacleto heroic

    I despise – Tony – jerk Maria – backstabber alexis – user

  8. Like/Admire

    1. Walt Disney- Brilliant
    2. Warren Buffett- Uncomprising
    3. Richard Branson- Daring


    1. DS- Poor Listener
    2. VP- Pig Headed
    3. MM- Mean

  9. R Branson ,why ,,his ability to take action no matter what other people think of his ideas.

    Frank Kern ,why, so so funny and just has a natural way about his copy, that makes people pull out the card.

    Nelson Mandela,,why,,its amazing to me how he was able to live 30years in jail, then come out without hate and put a plan into action that most would never be able to accomplish.

    M,she only thinks of her self.
    S, greedy ,angry, Bit&^%$..
    B ,greedy,lying,small person who can’t step up and be a man.

  10. Respect:
    Jackie Robinsone/Willie Mays – character
    Peter Drucker – insight
    Steve Jobs – marketing insight

    Clinton/Obama — deceit
    Hitler — fascism
    ex boss — deceit

  11. I admire Nelson Mandela for his ability to come through adversity and stand for what he believed in, I admire my Mom for being willing to take on life and win no matter what she was a huge person in a small body, and I admire Ghandi for his willingness to stand for his principles wihtout resorting to force

    I detest MB for his cowardly vengeful ways, Hitler for his cowardice, in not being able to live with people who did not meet his expectations; the mass murderers who hide and continue to murder

  12. Love:
    Nikola Tesla – brilliant
    Arnold Schwarzenegger – Ambition
    Jay Levenson – Rational
    Rosanne Bar – Trashy
    Russell Brunson – Scumbag
    Rosie O’Donnelle – Moron

  13. Mother Teresa – successful selflessness
    Mom – joy of life
    Suzie O. – financial success

    Molesting minister – betrayer
    Rena – saboteur
    SS J – closeminded

  14. I admire

    Jesus: in 3 years, changed the world
    Billy Graham: bought the gospel message to millions
    Nelson Mandela: Changed the culture of a nation

    I dislike
    Barak Obama: twists the truth to suite selfish aims
    Al Gore: Dishonest-fashions his own truth and ignores facts
    Al Geitner-a thief

  15. I admire
    DA: Social justice
    JD: Genius (in systems designing)
    AS: Freedom on opportunities

    I despise:
    JD: Discriminating
    MS: Ruining with excessive capitalism
    PC: Fostering genocide

  16. I admire:

    Noam Chomsky-Unflinching
    Joni Mitchell-Creative
    Allan Holdsworth-Virtuoso

    I despise:

    Sarah Palin-Antisocial
    George W. Bush-Sociopath
    Tony Hayward-Liar

  17. Admire
    1. Brilliant – enlightened
    2. Loving – Caring – enelightened
    3. Peaceful – enlightened


    1. Liar, thief, drug addict
    2. Liar, stupid, deceitful
    3. Dishonest, mean, bad tempered

  18. Admire:

    G.N. – for courage
    J.N. – for steadfastness
    J.A. – for your ability for “connect the dots” and generously sharing your knowledge

    B.O. – deceit
    B.H. – charlatan
    J.W. – for selling your soul for an ounce of political respectability (and castigating others who won’t follow your example)

  19. Step One:
    Lila – powerful, strong, loving
    Paul – loyalty, decency, loving, strength
    Frank – truthful, playful, brave

    Step Two:
    DM – mean, evil, disrespectful, liar
    R’s brother – evil, cruel, immoral
    JN – liar, manipulator, selfish

  20. Step One–
    JG, DH, and RC– there’s one reason I admire these three people, and it’s because they have spent their lives following their dreams and making them work. They also help others do the same.

    Step Two–
    GM, JK, and DC all boost themselves up on the backs of others, by belittling and abusing others.

  21. Hi Rachel,

    Step 1.
    A. Carnegie ~ Rich & Benevolent
    Pele ~ Skillful
    Deep (UK)~ Action Taker

    Step 2.
    K. ~ liar
    P. ~ Arrogant
    Hitler ~ murdering Racist

  22. Jesus if I could put myself at the feet of any person, living or dead, I would put myself at the feet of Jesus because I could learn so much from him about compassion and kindness and dedication

    Helen Keller I admire Helen Keller because in spite of her blindness and deafness she learned several languages and I admire her tenacity and determination

    I admire Oprah Winfrey because she literally pulled herself up by her bootstraps and came to be a role model for us all

    Hitler for being a mass murderer and getting the German people to say Its OK and blame all of their troubles on jews

    I don’t care for Shaun who lives down the street – He is personable, but is always saying he will do something when he won’t – I think he is just schmoozing

    I guess I don’t like Paul in the bible because he is very disrespectful of women and I think he is a male chauvanist pig.

  23. Ronald Reagan – freedom, wise, kind, leadership
    Glenn Beck – patriotic, constitutionalist
    George Washington -freedom, loyal, honest

    B Hussein Obama -promises, leftist, power, smooth, allure, image,
    Bill Clinton – slick, false, deviant
    Lenin – murderer, liar, terror

  24. Admire:
    My late father – Most Decent Man
    George W Bush – Steadfastness/Faith
    Dennis Prager – Wisdom/Fairness

    Barak Obama – Narcissistic Sociopath
    Iran’s Ahmadejahd – Evil Personified
    Micheal Moore – Fraud/Hypocrite

  25. Robert Frost – Poetry
    Richard Nixon – Phoenix
    Andy Warhol – Transmutation

    David Duke – Coward
    Adolf Hitler – Megalomaniac
    JV – Megalomaniac

  26. Admire:
    Debs (My wife) – Inspirational
    Tony Robbins – Motivational
    Peter Andre – Wonderful father

    A (Ex wife) – Confrontational
    Gordon Brown (ex UK PM) – Useless
    Katie Price – Fake

  27. I admire my wife for her loyalty and commitment to her family

    My dad for his patience and understanding

    My friends for being there when i needed them

    I hate people who prey on the weak for their own benifit

  28. The admire part is fairly easy, but the despise part seems much more difficult…

    Og Mandino – Storytelling
    Richard Branson – Entrepreneurship
    Bob Proctor – Achievement

    Kim Jong Il – Oppression
    Osama Bin Laden – Hate-Mongering
    Big Pharma (though not a person) – Deception

  29. JC – Forgiveness
    JR – Entrepreneurship
    AN – Genuine Honesty

    KS – Lack of Leadership
    HM – Know-it-all
    MS – Never wrong

  30. Ron R — Great speaker and great Conservitive
    Greg L. — Balls, networking
    Warren C. — core values, spiritual

    Neal S. — Recast and Bigot, user
    Obama — Unamerican
    Arnold S. — Liar, Coward

  31. Admire:
    N. “Balls”
    R. Courage
    K. Dedication/selflessness

    No admiration:
    RR. Dishonest
    RC. Manipulative
    Mc. Arrogant

    1. I hope you get this before you read the other post – please list out a quality you like and don’t like about each!! :)

      1. Maria G. – Smart-my mentor
        Cherese – Good sales person with relationships
        AP – generous and successful

        Bud- self-serving
        Marsa-Backstabber, liar
        Sammye-self absorbed

  32. Step 1 – Admire

    RM – responsible
    PL – forgiving
    CR – smart

    Step 2 – Despise

    GND – inconsiderate
    BCT – politics
    MF – sleazy

    I assumed you meant why we despise them so much, not admire them so much in step 2. I don’t admire them :-)

    1. Yikes, thanks for pointing that out! I try to just GET THE POSTS OUT because otherwise I can spend too much time being perfectionistic. :)

      I edited!

  33. Step 1
    1.N.J.- supportive
    2.D.S. – loving
    3.A.S. – caring

    Step 2
    1 N.L. – betrayal
    2 S.U. – selfish
    3 I.P. – egoistic

  34. updated list

    Great Admiration:

    1. Vanessa Bailey (Compassion, Dutiful, Dedication)
    2. President Barack Obama (Gentleman, Gracious,

    Great Disappointment:
    1. Carl Huggins (Deceitful, Family & Blood

  35. WC — Successful, helpful, humble
    BM — Young energy, integrity
    MA — Makes a living helping people

    JB — First class @$$, thief, legend in his own mind
    CM — Doesn’t honor his agreements, wants money at all costs
    BC — Squandered resources.


  36. Admire:

    Daughter #1 “C”: Smart(Amazes me daily with her wisdom)
    Daughter #2 “D”: Loving (A heart of gold for all!)
    Son “one & Only”: Strong (Overcomes some big heartache.)


    Myself: Failure (Never seem to make it to the Gold)
    Someone who I thought was my BFF: Selfish
    Someone who I thought was my “never fail me”: without Loyalty

  37. Admire:
    N.M. – Interacts very cool
    S.R. – Polite and lovable
    G.M. – Self-confidence

    T.P. – bad mentality
    D – Very rude
    P.G – Too selfish

  38. 1. Vanessa Baptiste (Compassion, Dedication, Dutiful)

    1. Carl Huggins (betrayal, disappointment, deceitful)

    I cant think of any other persons to fill the lists, either of them…i dont even despise CHuggins…just dislike

  39. Admire:
    L – Cool online energy, inspiring
    H – Built a business being real self
    P – Beautiful healthy successful community builder

    R – Narrow minded and ignorant
    M – Foolish and doesn’t care about his health
    A – Impatient arrogant and mean

  40. Admire:
    Dave Glover, ambition
    My dad, dedication
    My wife, caring


    CC: Pompous
    Dale: Ignorance
    Mark: Racist

  41. Admare:
    1.My Dad[Helping Mentality]
    2.Mahathma Gandhi[Soft minded]


  42. It was such a treat doing this exercise with you in person yesterday! Talk about enlightening. =) I love you and have missed you so much

  43. admire:
    Michael Jackson (Entertainment)
    Brett Farve (Football)
    Shaq O’Neil (Basketball)

    Hitler (Murderer)
    Osama Bin Laden (Terror)
    Timothy McVey (Bomber)

  44. I admire my dad for his braveness and hard work

    My mom for her love

    My children for their love and support

    I hate people who are lazy and not keeping their words

  45. Step1

    I admire my

    Mom( she is very loving and understanding)
    My papa( he is very caring and takes a lot of care)
    My friends(they always lend out a helping hand)


    JS: selfish
    SS: arrogant

  46. Step 1
    1.Admire my parents for the love and support
    2.My husband for loving me
    3.My daughter for being the sweetest person.
    Step 2
    1 AH-Shrewd
    2 OL-Terror
    3 GB-Egoistic

  47. Step 1:
    3 people you really admire

    My mom
    Grand mother

    As because of them am here today alive on this earth.

    3 people you despise


  48. stephenedwards

    1)i Admire my father
    2)I admire Fredom fighters Bhagat singh& Gandhi(morals)
    3)my Family supports me in every issue
    4)a little my moms was despise
    5)Bush Despise me(for his attitude on Iraq)
    your article is interesting to read and kept in suspense with only three steps to a great inspirational step to great life

  49. I admire..
    1. my mom- for her wonderful care and love
    2. mother theresa- kind heartedness
    3. arunthathi rai – intelligence and care for the world

    I despise
    1. dad – for his angryness, except this he is a good person
    2. relative- selfishness and jealous
    3. brother- lack of providing freedom
    i am waiting for ur mail…

  50. Admire
    m – loving
    f- respectful & loving
    s – dutiful,loving


    b – egoism,habit,
    c – habits, laziness
    h – slowness,

  51. I admire on
    1.my mom(she loves me & care for me much)
    2.my lover(she take care of my felings)
    3.my famil(They all support me)

  52. Hi Rachel!

    RE – non-PCness (is that a word? lol)
    Hubby – kindhearted
    MS – ambitious

    K – abusive
    FP – misogynistic
    KM – ignorant

  53. Step 1:
    M – generous
    D – hard-working
    J – persistent

    Step 2:
    BB – cocky
    LZ – know-it-all
    JJ – anti-social

  54. I admire…
    Kina Grannis (Singer & Songwriter) for Heart, Passion, Love
    Yanik Silver (Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer) for Entrepreneurship
    John Resig (Creator of jQuery) for Ingenuity, Intelligence, Skill

    I don’t admire so much…
    Barack Obama for Deception
    George Bush for Ignorance
    a specific person close to me for Negativity
    (sorry, don’t mean to hate on US politics, those just came to mind first as the best examples of those traits I despise)

    Thanks for sharing the exercise, I’m curious about the next post ;)

  55. 1
    a) Lives life to the limit (limit)
    b) A heart of gold (heart)
    c) Positive energy and joy (joy)

    a) selfish
    b) egoic
    c) disrespectful

  56. Admire:
    A.P. generosity
    Mom originality
    J.T. hardworking

    H.C. condescending
    Vince sociopath
    T. immature

  57. Bill Clinton smart, Barack Obama caring, Marilyn Bressel determined
    George W Bush phony, Rush Limbaugh stupid,
    Sean Hannity cruel

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