What a great day…

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I haven’t been making many personal posts lately.

I just made this one on Facebook, and opted to post it here too so I could remember it for a while. :)

What a great day.

First, I woke up and cuddled up with my love.

Then I went to the gym, where I treadmill danced to Katy Perry and noticed several improvements from my last few weeks of going consistently.

Then I went home and made a fabulous colorful breakfast of eggs loaded up with veggies.

Then I went to a homeless shelter and volunteered for 3 hours. It was a great experience, full of smiles, perspective, and love — and I’ll definitely be back, either weekly or more often.

On my way home, I had to walk through Harlem. I was 99.999% sure I’d be safe, but it was very awesome that a man walking his dog befriended me and asked if he could walk with me towards the direction of my place. When it came up that I had a boyfriend, he was totally cool with it. And he walked me to just a few blocks shy of my building.

When I got to my building, I asked the doorman how he was doing. He said, “Almost good.” I asked what it would take him to get to good, and he said he wanted some Halloween candy.

I told him he was in luck — we still had a bunch of full sized candy bars left over — and I brought him down 3. I was also very happy to get rid of the candy.

Then Donald and I had a SPECTACULAR lunch at Strip House. We were planning to go somewhere else, but I messed up the directions and Don found that instead. It was amazing.

Then we went shopping on 5th. We didn’t buy anything, but still had a great time.

When we got home, I finished knitting up my first scarf. I am really proud of that, considering a few weeks ago I was crying out of frustration for being the only one in class who didn’t get it, and now I have a pretty new scarf.

Soon after I finished, Don brought me home a dozen flowers.

That brings us to now. I’m about to pay my affiliates for last month and then go to the grocery store to whip up some more concoctions for cooking. I love that!

I feel very blissful.

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