Where I’m At With The 30 Day Challenge…

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Back on April 22, I started a challenge to attract certain things into my life.

Now that I’m slightly halfway through, things are interesting.

It seems like some of what I wanted just a few weeks ago is not as important to me any more, and new goals are taking the place of those. Things have been changing REALLY rapidly.

That being said, I’m still working on lots of stuff.

Here’s a play by play on what’s going on for each goal:

1. 7 days of juicing only.

I did this!! :) It went extremely well, I had no detox pains and had phenomenal energy throughout the entire thing. It was a much better experience than the last time and I’ll definitely be doing it again.

2. Connecting one on one with people.

This has been going great too. I have made several new friends and keep getting confirmation that this is the right thing for me to do. Take a look at this super-nice post Tim Castleman made after he visited me.

I am actually thinking of opening up my home to “x” amount of people per month. I think it could be a fun way to meet new people and do whatever I can to serve. Otto says I should charge for it and make it a business type thing, which could be a LOT of fun.

3. 1762 clients for Burn Your To Do List.

Well, as I posted in the initial challenge, that number is dependent upon a lot of factors. I can tell you that we’re converting like CRAZY right now. 19.6% of the people who find our page sign up to become a member, so it’s just a matter of getting traffic to the site. 19.6% conversions are pretty much unheard of, especially on COLD TRAFFIC to a MEMBERSHIP SITE.

Proof of conversions is right here. :)

4-7. Flight ticket home, to London, to Kenya, and to Dominican Republic.

I haven’t gotten any tickets yet, moreso because I’m trying to decide on the best times to go than anything else. Some of those places lose their sizzle to me depending on when I’m thinking about it, but at the time of this writing, I’m excited to go again. :)

8. 500 sales per month of this delicious chocolate drink I’ve been drinking.

I made a rubbish sales letter right here for it, and then lost a little bit of interest. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue promoting it, but as of this moment I’m interested again. Oy oy oy… ;)

9. Tons and tons of energy as if I was drinking the chocolate drink every single moment.

My energy levels have been AWESOME! After some blood testing I realized some things I could do to make it even BETTER, which is even more fantastic. :)

(Some of those things include getting a cellerciser and doing rhythmic breathing)

10. Will weigh 142 pounds.

I AM SO OVER THIS ONE! That was a goal I no longer believe in, and I threw my scale in the dumpster. I’m not allowing my happiness to be dictated by a number on the scale any more. I will continue to eat healthily, exercise, and respect and honor my body. I am sure whatever I’m supposed to look like, I will look like. I’m at a super-healthy weight for a 5’8 female and I’m not putting any more tension around this.

11. A hair cut and color. This is a smaller one, but I’m overdue. :)

Will schedule soon :)

12. Starting up belly dancing again. I miss it!

Belly dancing classes are on Wednesdays, and because I haven’t been around every Wednesday, I started following along with some YouTube videos. :)

13. Keeping a super-happy relationship with Otto.

Our relationship is at an all-time high. We just spent the week together and had a WONDERFUL time, and we’re both looking forward to living near each other again. I can safely say we’re both more in love with each other than ever before. I know this is corny, but every time I look at him, all I want to do is hug him, kiss him, and tell him how much I love him!

Here’s a picture of us from our week:

We were walking around Santa Monica and got asked to go to the front of an audience for People’s Court (remember that TV show where they supposedly have people in the audience and they ask them their opinions on the case?). It was a lot of fun. The host just reads out the gist of each case to the audience and we give our opinions. This is a picture from between takes.

14. My income being passive again.

I barely worked while in California and the money just flowed in. I’m continuing to work on this. :) My amazing business manager has also just volunteered to do all my SEO on sites for a cut of the first few month’s profits, which is a no-brainer considering I haven’t done a thing on them. :)

All in all, I guess the major things I’ve been hemming and hawing on are the flights and Chocolate Jump. Even with those though, I’ve made great strides. I’m happy to be where I am at this stage of the game. :)

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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  1. Awesome Rachel.

    Can’t wait to see you in a little over a week!

    Lots of good stuff to report to you in person and when I have time I’ll update my 30 day progress.


    PS: We still need to chat soon.

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