Who Are Your Top 5?

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I went to start this post out one way, but now that I’m really thinking about it, I’m going to take it to a completely different direction.

Here’s how I started it out before:

“One thing I’ve heard a lot of people say is that you’re the average of your 5 closest friends – income wise, personalitywise, etc…

I’ve always been pretty cognizant of that because it’s always run pretty true to me.”

I was going to reflect and think about what I wanted my 5 to look like now as I grow – do I still want to surround myself with marketers, or do I want to go with people who are more into “spirituality” (for lack of a better word), or do I want to find healthy people, do I want to find people who encompass all three…

Then I was going to talk about “health” and what that meant…

But then I went through and looked at my 5 thoroughly, and now I’m sitting here shaking my head.

The averages aren’t looking so stellar for me.

The things that are important to me:

Successful businesswise – 1 is doing a lot better than me, 3 are doing the same as me, 1 is doing less than me.

Spiritual (this is a super-broad term… let’s just classify it as people who would really enjoy a Sonia Choquette book) – I’d say 1 would find it and enjoy it, 1 might find the book on their own and enjoy it if they were in the mood, 1 would have to be talked into it but would get value from it, and the other 2 would read it out of curiosity (if I told them to) and probably dismiss it.

Healthy – 1 out of 5 is very into his health. 1 is somewhat moderately into it, the other 3 I would consider conscious but not actively healthy (2 go into spurts).

Strong relationships with significant others – I’d like to say my boyfriend – but it probably hasn’t been long enough to say that. The others either don’t have relationships or I don’t consider them strong.

Strong relationships with other people – All 5 are great people who make solid relationships.

I think part of this is because I’ve been traveling so much. When I stayed in L.A., I went to Toastmaster’s and found successful, awesome people… I went to meetup groups, etc…

But with all this traveling, I’ve been focused more on exploring than making new relationships.

I think my 5 may have been more solid before – maybe a few months ago when I actively worked on it and my income, health, and spiritual goals were different…

But I definitely need to re-evaluate, pronto.

This was a wake-up call for sure.

What about you? What’s important to you? How does your top 5 fit in with that?

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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