Woohoo! No More Internet Marketing Here…

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I just deleted every single Internet Marketing post I have on this blog.

I’m going to put everything I.M. over here from now on… and make this site all about my personal life, experiences, etc.

I think the separation will make posting in both blogs much more enjoyable. :)

(And by the way, how awesome is my new layout? :) )

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

0 thoughts on “Woohoo! No More Internet Marketing Here…”

  1. Ok, this explains everything. I was wondering where is the IM stuff.

    Not that I don’t like to read personal blogs, but you know…

    Anyway, I also have a dedicated blog to affiliate marketing. I don’t have any for my personal life though. Just a new blog where I help noobs to start their online biz.


  2. Love the new layout and the new, dedicated IM blog.

    I’d recommend putting a title on your IM Blog. I just subscribed, and my feed reader says “(title unknown)”.

    How my favorite world traveler?


    • First – thank you!!

      Second – grrrr, whenever I put up a title, it goes on top of my beautiful header and ruins it! Is there a way to not make that happen?

      I’m doing well. Anything new with you Mr. Kelly?

      • YW.

        To get ride of the text in your title, you could edit the template file and remove that text. (Or, I could do it for you.)

        New? I’m still promoting my InstantInsidersClub.com, and I’m about to use all those great emails you wrote.

        And, I’m launching a new newsletter dedicated to traffic generation tactics.

        And, I’m going to New Orleans for Thanksgiving.


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