“Your present is on its way!” – Gift cards to give to last-minute shoppers to save more sales

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No matter how clear and upfront you are about your order deadlines, you’ll always have customers who wait until the last minute to shop.

Of course you want to try and accommodate these people as much as possible, but printing and shipping things last minute isn’t always possible.

However… we’ve thought of an awesome solution that has helped many LHS sellers!

Basically, you give customers printable cards that include an image of the item(s) they ordered that say “Your present is on its way!” This way customers don’t show up empty-handed, and you get to save the sale.

These things work like a charm. Here’s some feedback they’ve gotten in the past:

So for this year, I asked my fabulous designers to create a new batch of 21 gift card images for the 2019 holiday season.

Here’s a preview:

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When you’re not sure if an order will make it on time, just add an image of the gift order to the gift card and send it to your customers. Let them know they can print the gift card out to give to the gift recipient so they don’t have to arrive to an event empty-handed.

I hope these help keep your sales high and cancellations and refunds low with last-minute shoppers!

And for more, you can find previous gift cards here:

2018 Gift Cards

2017 Gift Cards

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Save more last-minute sales with these holiday gift cards letting recipients know their gift is on its way

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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