10 Mindset hurdles that can hold you back with print-on-demand and how to master a winning sales mindset

Develop a winning sales mindset
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Alright, buckle up, future moguls! We’re diving into the wild and wonderful world of print-on-demand (POD) ecommerce. Picture this: you’ve got a rad online shop, filled to the brim with unique and personalized goodies. Customers are flocking to your virtual storefront on Amazon and Etsy, and sales are booming. Sounds pretty stellar, right?

But hold up! That’s the dream, but getting there… well, it’s not always a smooth ride. In fact, there are a bunch of reasons why you, my entrepreneur-in-the-making, might hit the brakes on your POD journey. So, let’s debunk these roadblocks, shall we?

Let’s take a look…

You’re afraid of failure (failure is not a sales mindset)

We’ve all been there. The thought of not making it big can be downright terrifying.

But here’s the thing—failure is just a pit stop on the road to success. Think of it as a chance to learn and grow.

And hey, with the Low Hanging System (LHS) as your co-pilot, you’ve got a roadmap to success and a backseat full of resources (like the Low Hanging System Facebook group) to guide you.

And if you haven’t yet done the “Success Exercise” in the course, do it!! :) It’s magical:

Low Hanging System Success Exercise

You don’t know how to differentiate your products 

Standing out in a competitive ecommerce marketplace requires product differentiation. Some people struggle to identify unique selling points or niches with their POD products. And this can hold them back.

But you can overcome this issue by conducting thorough market research. Market research helps you better understand your competition. And it helps you identify underserved niches.

Create designs or offer products that cater to specific target audiences and niches. And don’t be afraid to get specific! For example, instead of creating products with generic dog designs, drill down deeper. Create products for specific dog breeds, like rottweilers.

Or you can drill down even further… You can create products for rottweiler owners who also love coffee or rottweiler owners who also practice yoga.

Find specific niches as part of your sales mindset

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When you tap into underserved niches that customers are interested in, that’s when you hit big. Differentiation is key to attracting customers and making sales.

If you want to learn more about how to find great niches, click here.

You think you lack necessary marketing knowledge

Effective marketing can absolutely help you increase sales on Amazon and Etsy. But many people don’t have a lot of marketing knowledge. And they let this hold them back.

But when you sell on Amazon and Etsy, you leverage these platforms’ existing traffic to drive your sales. So you don’t actually have to do all that much marketing to succeed with LHS (unless you want to).

And if you do want to do some marketing, you have countless resources available to you online. Take some time to learn about different useful strategies, like…

Also, take advantage of online courses and tutorials to enhance your skills. You can find lots of great content on Udemy. I’ve taken a lot of courses there myself.

You underestimate consistent niche and product research

Ongoing niche and product research is important. It helps you stay relevant and competitive in the ecommerce industry. But some sellers struggle with this. And that can hinder their ability to offer in-demand designs and products.

Try to develop a habit of regularly…

  • Analyzing market trends
  • Studying customer preferences
  • And monitoring competitor offerings

Stay up-to-date on new trends. And adapt your designs and product line to meet ever-changing customer demands.

Look at what's trending as part of your sales mindset


Click here to learn more about how to research what’s trending. That way, you can create relevant design ideas and products that shoppers love.

You think you have to be perfect (perfectionism also is not a sales mindset)

Perfectionism can be a significant roadblock for both new and seasoned ecommerce sellers. Many people hesitate to launch their stores and POD products because they think they’re not “perfect” enough.

But sellers should know that perfection is subjective. And the pursuit of “perfect” can be never-ending. Launch your products and get feedback from customers to make improvements as needed. Take on a mindset of continuous improvement and focus on giving shoppers tons of value.

As I always say, a big part of LHS is throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Even if you create a design that you think is perfect, that doesn’t mean your customers will agree. Instead of focusing on doing everything perfectly, focus on productivity and staying consistent.

Sometimes “good enough” is just that – good enough. Get your designs out there! Then, see what sells and adjust accordingly.

You think you have limited technical skills

Running an LHS ecommerce business does require some basic technical skills, like…

  • Setting up product listings
  • Managing inventory
  • And optimizing product pages

But all these things are easy once you know the process, and the course teaches you everything you need to know. Even still, some people feel overwhelmed by the technical aspects. They may lack confidence in their abilities.

But LHS was set up with beginners in mind. You absolutely do not need to be a tech whizz to create and maintain a successful POD business!

And, again, if you ever have any issues or concerns, you can use the Low Hanging System Facebook group. There, you can find tons of helpful advice, including technical tips, to minimize your learning curves.

You fail to adapt

The business landscape is ever-evolving. So you need to be willing to adapt to new developments and changes to standard operating procedures. Stay up-to-date on technology advancements and customer preferences. Be willing to…

  • Pivot your strategies
  • Introduce new products
  • Try new niches
  • And explore different sales channels to stay competitive

You think you need more financial resources

Sellers often think financial constraints are a big hurdle to running an ecommerce business. But starting an online business on Amazon and Etsy requires few upfront costs.

Some investments are still required. But you can create a budget for yourself. And you can explore cost-effective resources to help you. Many online tools and services offer free trials or free versions. So you can cancel or return if you aren’t seeing the potential for a return on your investment.

Your sales mindset lacks patience and persistence

Building a successful ecommerce business takes time. It requires patience and persistence. And some people may become discouraged if they don’t see immediate results or face setbacks.

Sellers need to…

  • Maintain a long-term perspective
  • Set realistic expectations
  • And stay committed to their business goals

Be patient with the process. Continue to refine your strategies. And adapt to market trends to achieve sustainable growth.

You have limited customer service skills

Customer service is super important for ecommerce sales. But some people might not have the skills to offer excellent customer service. This can hinder these sellers’ ability to build positive customer relationships. And it can stand in their way of generating repeat sales.

You need to have effective communication techniques. Practice active listening, and focus on customer satisfaction. Provide prompt responses to customer inquiries. Handle complaints professionally. And seek opportunities for personalized interactions.

To streamline the process, you can create reusable customer service scripts. You can learn more about how to do that here.

Now, who’s ready to take their product listings from zero to hero? My 14-day free trial of the Easy POD Mastermind is just what you need. Get in on the action at www.EasyPODTrial.com.

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I hope you find this post useful! Leave a comment below and share YOUR tips about adopting the right sales mindset for your POD business. And if you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends and followers. 

Develop a winning sales mindset

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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