An update to my embarrassing royalty challenge…

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I’ve been out of blog updating for a few days! I tell you, the more I treat myself like royalty, the less I’m finding I want to be on the computer.

Here are some things that have been happening:

The other night I made a vlog posting about how I was going to dinner with a friend, and that when I got back, I wouldn’t come on the computer. Truth be told I thought that’d be easy since I expected us hanging out for a few hours. However, she was tired… and I got home at a very early 6:30.

I knew I committed to not going on the computer. I knew it was my highest choice and what I REALLY wanted. But I had no idea what to do with myself! Normally I just robotically go online, so this was a major pattern interrupt.

But you know what?

I ended up having such a beautiful night by committing to myself. I took a calming bubble bath, wrote some ideas for a new project I’m working on (can’t wait to unveil it to you!!!!), finished up a book, started another one, and cleaned up our dining room table. I felt SO fantastic when I went to bed and woke up with such a clear, happy head.

Treating myself like royalty is SO much fun!

The next night I went out to dinner with another friend and wanted some wine. Old Rachel may have said “No, wine is bad for losing weight!”… but I only wanted a sip, and I sure didn’t want to tell myself I COULDN’T have something. So I paid for a full glass, only had a little bit of it, and felt great. I truly felt like royalty, getting what I want and not caring that I “wasted” money (when in actuality it was FAR from wasted).

Working out is going great too. I’ve worked out every day so far (except today, but it’s still morning) and I’m loving it. The exercise routine has been a lot of fun, I like being near people when I work out, and I love dancing on the treadmill as I run and listen to great songs ;).

This “royal” life is going amazingly. I feel more calm, relaxed, and blissful than ever before.

The other cool thing I haven’t expected is that while I expect to get to a size 6, it almost doesn’t matter. I’ve been so busy treating myself like royalty and telling myself what I love about my body that it can’t do anything wrong!

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