April 2014 Brags

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Time for the monthly brag post, a day late like last time.

Please feel free to brag here too. It’s fun to celebrate with everyone.

Some wins for April:

1. I made it a month eating gluten, dairy, and sugar free. That’s not so easy to do with traveling, but I thought ahead and got it done. That was the biggest thing I wanted to accomplish, and I’m really happy I did it.

2. I went on a really fun girls’ trip to Boston with Becki. We had a blast.

3. Donald and I had a great trip to the Bahamas. It was really nice to see him rock his mastermind and to support him with that.

4. I presented on a webinar that netted a nice 5-figure amount for a few hours worth of work.

5. I got 2 new physical products up on Amazon. Yay for more passive income.

6. I got my new outsourcing course up on Udemy and made a few sales without any promotion. I also finished up the sales letter for the course on the main URL.

7. I made sure to send great no-pitch content to my list a few times.

8. I mapped out more of an upcoming event I’m holding, set the date for September, and am beyond ecstatic about it.

9. I was in the top 15% of most active FitBitters in my PCOS group.

I didn’t feel like this was a HUUUUGELY productive month, to be honest, compared to past months… but the gluten/sugar/dairy took a lot of planning and I’m really proud about that.

I haven’t finished my goals out for May yet, but they’re gonna be good!

What were your April wins?

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