August 2021 Brags

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Here are the latest lists of brags from August 2021.

As always, these posts serve as a fun way to remind Rachel and others of celebrating monthly memories and accomplishments and we encourage you to celebrate your wins, too! My name is Kimberly and I’m one of Rachel’s assistants. I truly love helping out with creating these posts and I’m also incredibly inspired by Rachel’s journey. Let’s follow along to see what Rachel has done this summer! :)

1. Rachel had a great day with her Mom, Sharon, and they went on a short trip together! They were able to spend time near the water, sand, and sun.

2. She also spent a lot of time with her family especially during her family Sundays. Rachel loves to spend quality time with her nephew Gabe, playing games and enjoying the moment.


3. An epic win for Rachel and the team was a new hire as well as a good friend named Matt who will be the Chief Strategy Officer. He has organized all of Rachel’s businesses starting with the warehouse and getting every detail aligned. We are all very excited about the new strategies Matt is planning.

4. Matt flew into Pennsylvania (Custom Happy Warehouse) along with Tim and Linda who he introduced to Rachel. Other core members of Custom Happy such as Sean, Erika, Steve, and Sharon also attended. They had some very important in-person meetings which were great for Custom Happy planning and team building.

5. Matt also set up a board for CustomHappy to have regular board meetings :)

6. The Candle challenge began and is going very well with lots of sales! Members have been getting candle sales thanks to Rachel’s valuable keyword and phrase experience she has been sharing during the weekly calls.

7.  Rachel lost 9 pounds from last year and 19 pounds from the year before which is absolutely amazing.

8. She has also been doing a lot of personal growth work which is super important and has been investing in becoming the best version of herself.

9. Rachel also invested in an NFT Fund which has been going very well and has been making a beautiful profit. The fund allows her to save time and well as gradually learn all about NFT’s.

10. The LHS Webinar has also been upgraded! You can visit that at :)

11. Lastly, Rachel got some cute new furniture for the house! Some of the furniture is slowly delayed but will be arriving in the next few months.

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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