How’s this for an excuse to advertise a product? (Weird holiday guide – Updated for 2023)

Use this list of weird and wacky holidays for design inspiration and promotional ideas

Christmas is in a few days and then New Year’s is right behind it! You’re likely still in the thick of the holiday ecommerce rush. But after the holidays have passed, business typically slows down.

You may still get sales

Surprising holiday insights – Fascinating facts to help you think like a holiday shopper and boost sales (updated for 2022)

Learn more about the typical holiday shopper in 2022 as a way of boosting sales to your ecommerce shop.

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Do you want to optimize your sales this holiday season? Take a look at what experts forecast about people’s shopping habits and preferences in 2022.

I’ve …

How to sell baby blankets: 101 Guide to earning more POD sales

Your guide to selling print-on-demand baby blankets

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Print-on-demand baby blankets are a new addition to CustomHappy’s lineup. Every parent needs baby blankets, especially new parents. And baby blankets make great gifts all year long. But how do you

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