Why surveys can help you majorly – and WHAT to ask.

One of my favorite things to do is survey people.

It’s a strategy that takes 5 minutes, but can generate absolute GOLD.

There are all types of places you can use surveys. Here are some to get your mind rolling:

  • If you have a Kindle book, give people a survey after they sign up for your list. See if they want to buy more from you.
  • If you do a lot of 1 to 1 work, you can start to develop programs to create for your clients so you don’t have to do as much in-person work.
  • If you have Facebook fan pages you monetize, you can ask people what they want more of.
  • If you’re brand new and feeling stuck or unsure of your next steps, ask people what they want so you can get out of guess-land and into action mode.

I seek to make surveys that people can answer in 5 minutes so it’s easy for them but still gives a TON of info.

I am often shocked by the results that occur from surveys, and 99% of the time they help me change course.

I’m going to give you my typical survey format, then tell you WHY I ask each specific question.

Question 1: Why are you interested in ______?

I will list out different reasons I think people might be interested, but also have an “Other” box in case I missed something.

So for example…

Why are you interested in internet marketing?

I want to quit my job.

I need to earn extra money every month.

I think it’s a great way to spread my message.

People tell me I need to learn it.

Other – ______________.

Here’s a non-IM survey I asked:

Why are you interested in mind mapping?

To think more clearly

To make sense of complex topics

To learn more powerfully

To unlock my brain’s potential

To take better notes

To be more creative

To study better

To teach my kids

Other – ______________.

The reason I ask this is because I can then write copy specifically to what people are looking for.

If people don’t care about certain things, I won’t use that in my copy.

When you can explain to people that you understand what they need, they trust you more and it builds rapport. It’s great for building long-term relationships.

This also helps you develop custom products catered to what people care about.

Question 2: Do you still want to learn more?

I use this to see if people still have interest in a topic.

Most of the time the answer is yes, especially if they’re filling out a survey… but the other cool part about asking this is that you’re helping them realize that they DO want to hear more from you. You’re helping them acknowledge that even more.

Question 3: How do you learn best?

Written reports


Video explanations



One-on-one coaching

Facebook groups and pages

30 day challenges

This helps you learn exactly how to structure your products and know what formats your audience responds best to.

Different markets definitely have different preferences.

For example, in more female markets, I find that written reports win out over video. In male, video usually wins.

Question 4: Would you pay to learn more about ______, or anything you chose in #1?



This helps you see if people want to spend money or not.

Sometimes people say no, and you know not to bother creating products.

Sometimes they say YES — full throatedly.

Like Question #2, this pre-baits them a little bit too.

Question 5: How much is this information worth to you?

Under $50

$51 – $99

$100 – $249

$249 – $499

$500 – $999

Over $1k

This helps you project how much you’ll earn and how much to put into your projects.

For example, I got this result on one of my Facebook fan pages:


Survey Responses

So from that, I knew not to make any majorly comprehensive packages.

In other niches, I might get $100+ as the most answered.

Question 6: Is there anything else you’d like me to know?

This is an open ended space for people to go through and tell you whatever they want.

Look through this carefully… it can give you AMAZING info.

Question 7: So I know where to send your prizes for the giveaway, please enter your email address. (Optional)

I like to give something away with all of my surveys, for two reasons:

1. I honor the people who have taken their time to help me.

2. I use PollDaddy for my surveys, and when someone gives me their email addresses, I can also click through and see what their other responses were. I can then go and send them emails custom-catered to them and recommend certain programs I have. :)

I hope this helps. :)

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This one thing will skyrocket book sales :)

I’ve been working on a case study where I show you how I take a book from blank pages to  bestseller.

I’d been outsourcing this for a while, so I had a lot of fun going through and doing it again on my own.

I have been discovering all kinds of new tricks that I simply didn’t know before.

Tricks that will make my books sell even better.

For example, while I was going through my outline process, I noticed that the best-selling book in my niche was one that offered a bonus of a year trial to a popular piece of software.

I had one of my assistants contact the software company to see if I could offer that bonus too.

Not only is the company open to it… but because it helps them too, they’re teaming up with me.

They are going to send out a press release of my book, write a blog entry, and mention it in their newsletter… all of which will put my book in front of 100,000 people.

So now they’ve helped me market… AND I have a better bonus to offer readers, which will help skyrocket sales + build a bigger list of people who sign up to claim the no-brainer bonus.

How could YOU do this?

Reach out to people in your niche who have something thatyour users would like. Get them to support you and your book.

You could outsource this very easily.

I’ll give you a couple ideas to get your mind going…

– Reach out to well respected leaders in your field. Ask if they’d do quarterly calls (potentially with affiliate offers).

– Reach out to people who have apps or software that you could give a year’s trial to.

– Reach out to stores who could give you coupon codes (think gluten free groceries, specialty clothes stores, etc.)

– If you’re selling book services to offline business owners, you could get bonuses from neighboring stores

There are all kinds of people with a built in audience that would LOVE the extra exposure from your book, and would be happy to create a win-win with you. :)