2018 revenue numbers + Valentine’s Day 2019 plan

With 2018 over and Valentine’s Day just around the bend, I thought I’d do a review of how last year went and how I’m going to prep for the next upcoming sales spike.

I know many people like viewing these posts and glean some useful information from them.

In this post, I’m going to be completely transparent about…

  • My sales numbers for Amazon and Etsy
  • Which products sold best
  • And how I’m preparing to make 2019 even better.

This post is specifically about Amazon and Etsy, not my other things like marketing courses, eBay income, warehouse, stocks, etc.

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That said, let’s jump into the review…

Here are my 2018 sales details

In 2018 I earned $438,052.93 on Amazon.

This could have been a bit higher but the FBM portion of my account was turned off from August through the end of December, where income peaks the highest.

Either way, considering this is highly passive — I’ll take it.

For Etsy, stats have been thus far:

Store #1: $30,365.25
Store #2: $15,652.47
Store #3: $5,789.86
Store #4 – $1,960.59
Store #5 – $16.95
Store #6: $177.90
Store #7: $17,258.71

That’s a total of $71,221.73.

My Amazon + Etsy income for 2018 was $509,274.66. Not bad!

I feel like I’ve figured out a good formula for how to do this (more on this later on) and I’m excited to share with you the 20% of actions that get the 80% of the results.

Before that, let’s dig into my bestsellers:

For Amazon, my best-sellers are:

Best-seller #1 – 15oz white mug (1770 orders)
Best-seller #2 – 11oz white mug (1731 orders)
Best-seller #3 -15oz white mug (968 orders)
Best-seller #4 – Travel mug (924 orders)
Best-seller #5 – Travel mug (911 orders)
Best-seller #6 -11oz white mug (683 orders)
Best-seller #7 -11oz white mug (557 orders)
Best-seller #8 -11oz black mug (518 orders)
Best-seller #9 -11oz white mug (456 orders)
Best-seller #10 -11oz black mug (445 orders)

There were 26,707 orders on Amazon total and these top 10 make up 33.56% of all orders (or 8963 sales).

I was selling thousands of items until August, but in Quarter 4 I was *only* selling FBA. At that point I had 146 items in Amazon and made 39.7% of my total sales for the year.

That is VERY promising actually, because it means the other 60% were spread throughout the year. And it tells me there’s a lot of opportunity for Valentine’s Day!

Here’s how Valentine’s Day went last year

Last year, from January 1st 2018 through February 14, I grossed $35,405.80 on Amazon.

As you can see, sales took a big jump up as we got closer and closer to Valentine’s Day.

I’m *very* glad I had FBA (items pre-sent to Amazon) available on February 12th, which was a peak day where FBM (items printed on demand) wouldn’t have cut it.

Here’s what I’m doing to make 2019 Valentine’s Day Season even stronger

Last year was great, but I think this year can be better. I’ve been doing this long enough to know the 80/20 rule, or what 20% of actions yield 80% of results.

I’ve distilled down to the top 3 actions I’ll be taking this season:

#1: Send more items to FBA.

You saw the graph – sales jumped up that last week. On Feb 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 – all the Prime Eligible Days – there were 626 orders.

More than 1/3 of my total February sales were made in that 7 day period – and the bulk was sent with FBA.

When you send items into Amazon, they store them in their warehouses and make them eligible for “Prime” shipping. Having this label means shoppers can wait until the last minute to shop – and they definitely do.

That’s why in my Jumpstart Program one of the components is giving you 5 boxes of mugs to send to Amazon. The Jumpstart was set up to give you as much success as possible, and I believe this is a big piece of it.

That part alone can pay off Jumpstart, by the way.

#2: Make more designs.

Designs are always helpful. The more you have, the more opportunity you have to make sales.

Designs don’t need to be Valentine’s Day specific. People still shop things like “gift for accountant”, “gift for engineer” on Valentine’s Day. It’s just that the more buy buttons you have available, the more chances people have to buy from you.

In the Jumpstart Program we give you 200 done-for-you designs (100 designs in both black and white text) to get you started. You can put these designs on mugs, shirts, and whatever else you want, and they are all crafted the same way my bestsellers work.

#3: Make the RIGHT designs.

When I say the “right” designs, I mean… you want to go after the niches that people are actively searching for.

A big mistake I see people make is that they make designs that they think are clever versus designs that people are actively searching for.

Remember – people are actively typing in what they want to buy:

All you have to do is give it to them.

In the Jumpstart Program we give you access to SpotNiches. This tool has 3 components:

a) It looks at how many monthly searches there are for each phrase

b) It shows you how many results there are on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay for those phrases

c) It gives you an “opportunity” score that shows you the “money” niches with the most searches and the fewest results

This tool is GLORIOUS – and a major help.

If I had to add any other actions, I would say:

#4: Make things as simple as possible.

The easier you make things on yourself, the more likely it is that you’ll succeed.

Having integrations, while not necessary, are wildly helpful.

They allow you to create a product, hit the “upload” button, then get items sent over to Amazon, Etsy, and eBay on your behalf. Whenever you make a new sale, the customer information gets sent back into GearBubble’s warehouses. The warehouses create and ship the order for you, then GearBubble sends the tracking number to your customers. These are meant to help you have passive hands-off sales (though I recommend still checking up on your orders to make sure all is good).

This simplifies things and makes the entire process easier (and – surprise, they’re also included in the Jumpstart Program).

The more you can simplify overall, the better your likelihood of things working.

#5: Learn from people who know how to do things well.

Personally, I have purchased several tools and invested in courses to learn how to do things better.

I now pay $2500/month for an Amazon rep (started recently), bought courses on Etsy, etc, so I could learn for myself as well as give you the best info possible.

I would much rather save time by learning from people who know how to do things, or using processes that make things easier, than wasting time with trial and error.

This is part of the reason I think our LHS Facebook group is so helpful. People can talk with like-minded folks and get help from people who have been there, done that.

That’s why in the Jumpstart Program we offer weekly coaching where you can ask me as many questions as you want.

This program was 100% designed to help you jumpstart your success and start doing really well.

What about you? How would you like to do this Valentine’s Day? 

As you see, I’m re-launching my Jumpstart Coaching Program this week. Jumpstart is a high-end package that gives you everything you need to make your fourth quarter a success. The package includes…

  • 200 done-for-you designs
  • free mugs shipped to Amazon for you
  • SpotNiches software (!)
  • GearBubble credits
  • planning resources
  • laser coaching
  • accountability
  • and some behind-the-scenes looks at advanced strategies I’m testing out.

If you’d like to get a lot more sales this Valentine’s Day, I highly recommend you click here to learn more.

Jumpstart is available for a limited-time only, so I’d recommend you go through that replay ASAP — even if you’re just a little bit curious.

November + December 2018 Brags

This will wrap up my 2018 brag posts. I actually just went through the other months to revisit some of my highlights from the past year, and it was so much fun!

I’m making this post a 2-in-one since I was so busy at the warehouse in December that I never wrote my November one.

Here are my wins in no random order:

1. I was on Facebook and saw this post:

It prompted me to ask my assistant if this was a thing in school districts near us. It turns out it was, so I paid for 3 elementary schools’ worth of lunch.

I don’t really post about this stuff on Facebook anymore (although I know a lot of people say it’s motivating), but it was probably my favorite win of the past couple months so I’m sharing it here.

2. The warehouse CRUSHED IT this holiday season. We were up 54% in December, 224.95% in November, and crushed records from last year. There were a few days we produced 8.000+ items a day and several that were 7,000+.

After hearing a little more about some numbers from other companies, I think we’re the 3rd biggest mug warehouse in North America at this time, which is crazy since we’re still relatively new.

3. OMG. Low Hanging System. People inside there are doing PHENOMENALLY.




That feels AMAZING to see.

4. I filled out my gratitude list 57 days out of 61 in November and December and my “clarity” list 39 days.

5. Don and I went to Wichita for Christmas which is always really fun. I enjoy seeing everyone there. I was a little sick this trip, but I am still “bragging” about spending time with loved ones.

6. We had a super fun holiday party at the warehouse! It was so nice to see so many people show up. We all let out so much of the build-up of stress that came up throughout the season and had a super fun night that I think everyone enjoyed. It was a blast.

7. I did a much better job eating healthfully during this holiday season than in years’ past, thanks to my assistant ordering food for me and keeping it in the fridge. I had plenty of pre-cooked veggies and low carb food around so that I didn’t need to resort to processed food as I have in past years. 

8. The warehouse processed a TON of orders in November and December. I gave % increases before, but in terms of numbers, we made 105,000 items in November and about 163,000 in December.

9. We started making doormats on a bigger scale for one of our clients, which was fun.

10. So many Jumpstart students have been KILLING IT!! Some of the testimonials above are also from Jumpstart/LHS people. We’ve had so many people talk about how much the Jumpstart has been helping them and so many have been reporting sales. That is wonderful to see.

11. We had another workshop with the consultants we hired for my warehouse, and it went very well. 

How about you? Any brags you’d like to share? I’d love to read them!


Boost your business by supporting worthy causes with these charity-inspired design ideas

Supporting charitable causes is really important. Plus, it makes you feel great. But what if it could also benefit your business’ bottom line?

Increasing the number of designs available in your shops is one of the best ways to optimize your chances of creating high-selling products.

After all, figuring out what designs will sell well and which designs won’t is largely a numbers game.

So we created a big list of design ideas for you (150+), all of which relate to a variety of charitable causes.

We also included a list of charitable-cause design templates so you can come up with even more design ideas of your own. And we added a month-by-month list of when awareness is raised for certain causes throughout the year.

If you want to go a step further, you can donate a portion of the sales you make from these design ideas to the causes they support.

If that’s something you’re interested in, you can find a list of resources at the bottom that help you choose the most worthy charities.

(Some charities give only a small percentage of the proceeds they receive to the cause they support.)

To learn more about setting up an automated donation program, click here.

Now, let’s get started…

Here is the big list of charitable causes and design ideas

Instead of including the list of causes and design ideas here (and making this post crazy long), we created a PDF that you can download below.

The list includes 60+ causes with 2-4 design suggestions for each cause. And the causes pertain to the following categories:

  • Illnesses, conditions, and disorders (e.g. breast cancer and autism)
  • Humanitarian (e.g. hunger and homelessness)
  • Social justice (e.g. racial and LGBTQ inequalities)
  • Environmental (e.g. global warming)
  • Military (e.g. disabled veterans)

The list also includes a clickable table of contents so you can easily jump to whichever cause interests you most.

Here’s a preview:

You can download the PDF here.

Charitable-cause design templates

As we created our big list of causes and design ideas, some patterns started to emerge.

So, in addition to our big list, I thought it’d be helpful to outline some design templates. You can apply these templates to a variety of the causes included on the list or any other causes there weren’t mentioned.

Fight Against [insert cause/condition]

Fight [insert cause/condition]

Stop [insert cause/condition]

End [insert cause/condition]

Stand Against [insert cause/condition]

No More [insert cause/condition]

Create a world without [insert cause/condition]

Together we can stop [insert cause/condition]

I support [insert cause]

Find the cure (with an image related to the cause)

HOPE (with a specifically colored ribbon indicative of a certain cause in place of the ‘O’)

SURVIVOR (with a specifically colored ribbon indicative of a certain cause in place of the ‘I’)

Hope. Believe. Love. (with an image related to the cause)

Someone I love has/is battling [insert condition] ]

[Insert condition] Warrior/Champion

Stronger than [insert condition]

Love is stronger than [insert condition]

My hero is now my angel (with an image related to the cause)

Calendar of causes

For many of the causes included in the PDF, awareness is raised during certain months.

Below, I’ve linked a number of causes to their corresponding month so you can plan your designs and promotional strategies accordingly.


Birth defects
Blood donations
Cervical cancer
Thyroid cancer


Eating disorders
Heart disease
Prenatal infections


Brain injuries
Colorectal cancer
Developmental disabilities
Kidney cancer


Oral cancer
Parkinson’s disease
Sexual assault


Asthma and allergy
High blood pressure
Mental health
Skin cancer
Women’s health


HIV testing
Men’s health


Eye injury prevention
UV safety


Medic alert


Alcohol and drug additional recovery
Childhood cancer
Healthy aging
High cholesterol
Ovarian cancer
Sickle cell anemia


Breast cancer
Dental hygiene
Domestic violence


Alzheimer’s disease
Lung cancer
Prostate cancer
Stomach cancer



Resources to find the best charities to support

As a I mentioned earlier, not all charities are equally worthy of your donations.

Sometimes, a big percentage of the proceeds go toward covering the organization’s administrative expenses. And there are other “charities” that are outright scams.

To help you donate wisely, here is a list of resources to check out:

BBB Wise Giving Alliance
Charity Navigator
Charity Watch

What do you think of this list of charitable causes and design ideas? Do you think these types of designs will be a hit or a miss with your customers? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!