This free tool makes text-based designs in 2 minutes or less

Someone in Low Hanging System recently discovered a great free tool that allows you to create word cloud designs in pretty much any shape and color scheme you want.

You can use these designs to do things like:

  • Sell unique UGB products (mugs, pillow cases, etc)
  • Sell as digital download “printables”
  • Make your ebooks or blog posts pop
  • Create social media images
  • Sell! Ha – there are over 100 gigs on Fiverr for this at the moment. ;)

To show you what you can do with this tool I pulled a list of “happy words” off a random search and made some examples:

In their FAQ, WordClouds says “The word cloud images you create are yours to use any way you see fit. You are even allowed to use the generated word clouds commercially.”

That said, here’s how Michaela (my assistant) and I create and sell images with this tool.

How To Create Your Word Cloud Images

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click “Word list”, then go to “Paste/Type text to paste in a big list of words you want to include in your design. Tip: the more words, the better the final result:

In this example we’ve added words to describe dogs (happy, loyal, cute, etc.) and positive/motivational words (appreciative, amazing, etc).

Step 3: From the “Size” tab, decide what size you want your word cloud to be.

Michaela left the default size option selected, which is 1024 X 768. There are tons of options including a size for Facebook covers.

Step 4: Click the “Shape” button and either choose a shape from the default options or upload a design of your own (silhouettes work best).

Step 5: Decide whether or not you want to include a mask with your design. Having the mask turned on shows the shape’s shadow as the backdrop (see below).

Michaela decided it looked better to keep the mask turned on with the designs she made. But it’s totally up to you.

Mask On

Mask off

Step 6: Choose a color theme for your word cloud. Or, go to the “Colors” tab and select your own cloud colors and hit apply. Here, you can also adjust the color of your word cloud mask if you chose to have it turned on.

Step 7: Select the font you want for your Word Cloud words.

Step 8: Adjust the numeric sliding scale underneath the tab options.

You’ll need to play around with this feature to get your word cloud to look just the way you want and results will vary.

Step 9: Click the “File” tab and download the PNG of your word cloud.

Step 10: Decide how you want to sell your word cloud.

How To Sell Your Images

There are several ways you can sell your designs, but here are some of the main ways we’re using them:

1. Sell a digital printable. 

Michaela put some designs up on Etsy as digital prints that people could download and print. You can sell them individually or as a matching set (a mug + digital download, for example).

Here’s a description Michaela used in her listings – you’re welcome to copy and paste it:

This listing is for an instant download of 1 PNG file of original artwork. 

All you have to do is complete your payment and then your printable will be ready for download (no physical item is shipped to you).

This printable makes a great gift and would look fantastic hanging on the wall of [your target market, e.g. pet owners, people who crochet, etc]. 

How the process works:

1. Purchase the listing.
2. Once payment has been confirmed, you will be directed to the download page.
3. Click “Download” and save the PNG file to your computer.
4. When you’re ready, print the image, and enjoy!

NOTE: This is a digital download ONLY. Your purchase does NOT include framing materials. Also, final print quality depends on the type of printer and paper used. For best results, print your printable at your local photo center.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your download. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Thank you!

2. Put them on a done-for-you product. 

You can put your designs on any of the products on and then sell them on Amazon, Etsy, or eBay.

Posters are a perfect choice for this. So are photo boards, if you’re in LHS.

I hope you found this post useful. As always, feel free to comment below with your thoughts and/or results if you try it out.

Hashtags, templates, and coupon codes for St. Patrick’s Day promos

Sales for creative novelty items spike way more often around holidays and special occasions. People love traditions and getting into the holiday spirit.

During Christmas for example, sales were through the roof. We could barely keep up at the warehouse. I saw another sales spike just before Valentine’s Day, and I even see them for “smaller” holidays like Columbus Day.

Now that St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, it’s a great time to start planning for that. Take advantage of those holiday spirits and increase your sales.

While not everyone is Irish or of Irish descent, everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a holiday that people love getting dressed up for. They sport green attire, pins, and other paraphernalia, like mugs and shot glasses, with popular sayings, such as “Top of the mornin’ to ya,” “Erin go bragh,” and Kiss me, I’m Irish.”

If you do a search on Google Images or Pinterest, you’ll find tons of awesome design ideas.

And to help you prepare to push your St. Patrick’s Day designs, I’ve detailed three promotional ideas below:

St. Patrick’s Day Coupon Codes

Holiday-inspired coupon codes are really fun, and people love feeling like they’re getting a good deal on gifts and holiday merchandise. So in keeping with the St. Patrick’s Day spirit, you can create coupon codes using words that reflect the day. For instance…






If you’re using Low Hanging System and want to create codes on ecom sites, here are “how to” articles to create coupons for Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

Once you create a code, you can submit it to, making it available to an even wider customer base. 

St. Patrick’s Day Hashtags

To promote your products via social media, add the following hashtags to your messages, linking your tweets and posts to the holiday and attracting more viewers:

  • #shamrock
  • #leprechaun
  • #green
  • #Ireland
  • #Irish
  • #clover
  • #parade
  • #kissme
  • #gotgreen
  • #luckycharms
  • #drink
  • #stpattys
  • #stpatricksparade
  • #stpats
  • #paddysday
  • #stpatricksday

St. Patrick’s Day Social Media Templates

And speaking of social media posts, you can obviously feel free to make up your own and add the aforementioned hashtags. Or, to make the process super simple, I’ve created a few templates that you can simply fill in the blanks, and copy and paste.

Template 1: Everyone’s Irish on #StPatricksDay! Celebrate in style with this _____: [link]. Use promo code _____ to get _____% off

Example 1: Everyone’s Irish on #StPatricksDay! Celebrate in style with this fun t-shirt: Use promo code LUCKY to get 25% off

Template 2: Get into the #StPattys spirit with this one-of-a-kind _____: [link]. Save _____ with promo code _____ #green #drink

Example 2: Get into the #StPattys spirit with this one-of-a-kind shot glass: Save $5 with promo code IRISH #green #drink

Template 3: #StPats is almost here! Show your #green spirit with this festive _____: [link]. Promo code _____ saves you _____%!

Example 3: #StPats is almost here! Show your #green spirit with this festive mug: Promo code EMERALD saves you 10%!

I hope you find this useful! Please leave a comment or “like” this if you appreciate it, and let me/us know if you have other holiday promo ideas to share! 

3 “stand out from the crowd” ecommerce techniques to get more sales


3 ways to stand out in ecommerce

If you do a search for something like “how to get more sales” you’ll find a lot of the same advice: have a great product, get reviews, make a good title, and so on.

That’s helpful… AND, everyone already knows those things. ;)

In this post I’m going to share some lesser-known ways you can stand out from the crowd. 2 of these tips will help you get more first-time sales, while others will help you with repeat buyers.

The last tip is Amazon-specific, and the first two can be used on any ecommerce platform – Shopify, Etsy, eBay, or wherever you sell online. You can also, of course, take products from your other sites and put them on Amazon as another sales venue.

Let’s go!

#1: Address Customer Questions In Advance

When shopping online, customers can’t have the same kind of sensory experience that they can get from shopping at brick and mortar stores. They can’t pick up your products, turn them over in their hands, or examine them from all angles so they can be confident they’re making a purchase they won’t regret.

In order to help them out (and increase your conversions!), it’s helpful to anticipate in advance what questions a customer might have and what could hinder them from buying.

So, depending on the product, include a detailed size and usability guide in your products’ descriptions. For example if your product were a pillow case, you’d include the following information:

  • Dimensions (in both inches and centimeters)
  • Weight
  • Thread count
  • Material
  • Softness
  • Care instructions (whether or not it’s machine washable or needs to be ironed)
  • Whether or not it’s hypo-allergenic
  • Available color options

Make your customers’ shopping experience as worry- and question-free as possible. Being thorough upfront helps people now and eliminates returns later.

#2: Include a Personalized Email after Customers Purchase on Amazon

Sending a personal email each time a customer places an order is a nice touch that people appreciate. Personalization is something customers love, as it makes them feel like you care, which makes them more likely to turn into repeat customers and recommend you to their friends.

You can write letters yourself or outsource them to a VA.

An example of a post-purchase email could be something like:


We hope you love your mug. Creating these designs is a labor of love for us. :)

We do our best to make sure each mug looks great, is shipped quickly, and makes you happy.

When your order arrives, please let us know how you like it. If you have any issues, please say so and we can fix them immediately. 

And whether you intend to give your mug as a gift or use it yourself, thank you VERY much for your purchase and we hope it exceeds your expectations.

Thank you again,


P.S. As a valued buyer, I’d love to offer you a discount code for your next purchase. This will take 10% off your next order: [CODE HERE]

To send this type of message on Amazon, go into your Amazon Seller Central account and view your orders. Then, click on an order ID number and scroll to where it says “Contact Buyer.”

When you click a buyer’s name, a contact page opens. Select a subject from the drop-down menu.  I mostly use the “Feedback request” option. Then, you type your message in the space below and hit “Send e-mail.”

To make a discount code, go into the Promotions tab in Seller Central.

#3: Sell Discounted Versions of Your Products Using AMZ Tracker

While Amazon no longer allows incentivized reviews where sellers can offer customers free or discounted products in exchange for their honest opinions, you can still increase your sales volume by offering discount codes.

Sometimes you get lucky and someone still leaves you a review. Either way you get another sale which increases your sales velocity and teaches Amazon to place your product higher in the search engines.

(And by the way, you can still ask people directly for feedback. You’re just not allowed to offer incentives for it.)

To create a discount code for your product, use AMZ Tracker. You can find a detailed guide outlining the process here.

I hope this helps! I tried to make the tips short-and-sweet but still powerful. Please leave a comment or “like” this if you appreciate it, and let me/us know if you have other tips to share!