23 Ecommerce Experts Reveal Their #1 Tip For Increasing Sales

23 Ecommerce Experts Reveal Their #1 Tip For Increasing Sales

Last week, Michaela reached out to some e-commerce experts and asked,

“In 250 words or less, what is the #1 tip you can share for how to increase online sales?” 

We got the responses from 23 people and put them into an infographic.

While there are a lot of bite-sized tips, you can pick one or two to really expand on.

For example, the tip about choosing a trending niche in high demand is a big tip. We’ve had people make over $50k in a couple days in LHS by following that tip.

There’s another one about using contests and promotions. If you have a traditional store you can do a giveaway like I’ve blogged about before here, or you could use something like AMZ to run a promotion for an LHS-style store.

Check out the advice below, download it here, or pin it here:

Download here or pin here.

I hope this helps give you some a-ha’s – please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

23 Ecommerce Experts Reveal Their #1 Tip For Increasing Sales

Social Media Demographics: What You Need To Know About Each Site’s Core Audience

There are a lot of social media channels to consider when it comes to promoting your products and business. From Facebook to Tumblr, there are countless sites vying for your attention.

Since you can’t be everywhere at once, I recommend focusing on the channels that are best suited to your core audience.

And to help you figure out which those are, I created an infographic for you. It goes over the demographics from each of the social media sites so you can see which channel(s) are the most useful for you.

You can download this, pin it, or view it below:

Want to know which social media network is best for you? Check out this infographic.

Download the infographic here or pin it on Pinterest.

I hope you find this useful!

And I’d love to know: which social media channel do you use most?

31 days of social media content ideas (grab this free calendar!)

Wouldn't you love a social media content calendar letting you know what to post each day?

Social media can be useful in growing your business – when done right.

When not done right, it can turn into an overwhelming time-suck.

So to help you overcome your social media stress, I created a 31-day calendar with a new content suggestion for each day. Now you don’t need to think as much about what to post. Just use the calendar as your guide, and use and re-use it throughout the entire year. Just rinse and repeat.

You’ll find the calendar below, which you can download or pin on Pinterest along with some additional social media tips:

This social media calendar gives you 31 days of awesome content ideas. Just plug them in and go!

How To Crush It With Social Media

Step 1 – Plan your content in advance. Write what you want to say in a Google doc or spreadsheet and then just copy and paste when you’re ready to post.

Step 2 – Infuse your personality and voice into your posts. This makes your content sound more authentic and helps to build stronger relationships with your audience.

Step 3 – Schedule your posts using a tool like PostDynamo or BufferApp. This is a huge time-savor.

Step 4 – At the end of each calendar cycle, review your stats and analytics to see what type of content has been working the best and what needs improvement.

Step 5 – Make any necessary changes and start planning next month’s social media content!

I hope this calendar makes your social media efforts less stressful and more efficient. If you try it for the next 31 days, let me know the results you get! 

Wouldn't you love a social media content calendar letting you know what to post each day?