Give your videos the ‘wow’ factor using these 10 YouTube hacks

With this list of YouTube tips and hacks, you can make your videos really stand out.

YouTube can be a great traffic generator – especially when you know how to maximize its potential with their hidden features.

In this post I’m going to share some different tips you can use to boost engagement and give people a better overall experience with.

The information here doesn’t necessarily pertain to the Low Hanging System, but it’ll be helpful for once you graduate to your own store and create promotional videos.

And of course if you want to test sending videos of your products for SEO (as I talk about in this video), this should be very helpful for you.

(Also, here’s an infographic describing these hacks and special tips that you can download or pin on Pinterest if you’d like.):

With this list of YouTube tips and hacks, you can make your videos really stand out.

Download the infographic here or pin on Pinterest here.

And here’s a bit more detail:

1. Create links that skip to specific points in the video

This makes it easier for viewers to move to important clips from your videos so they don’t have to fast forward.

To create links to specific points, you have two options…

Strategy 1

  1. Go to your YouTube video
  2. Click “Share” under the video’s title
  3. Select “Share” again from the 3 options that appear
  4. Check the “Start” box
  5. Enter your desired start time (you can also pause the video at the exact moment you want to link to and the start-time box will automatically update)
  6. A title tag will appear at the end of the link (in the example below, the tag is ?t=20s).
  7. Copy the link and share it.

With this list of YouTube tips and hacks, you can make your videos really stand out.

Strategy 2

  1. Pause your video at the point you want it to auto-play from
  2. Right click your video
  3. Select the “Copy video URL from current time” option from the pop-up box that appears
  4. Your specified start-time link will then be copied to your clipboard; you can share it from there.

2. Include written transcripts

Written transcripts improve your videos’ SEO.

To include a transcript… 

  1. Go to your YouTube video
  2. Click the CC “Subtitles/Closed captions” icon on the bottom right of your video
  3. Set your language to whatever works best for your audience.

You have four options for how to add subtitles or closed captions:

  1. Upload the transcript (to learn which files are supported, click here)
  2. Type or paste in your video’s subtitles where the timings will automatically be set
  3. Type in your video’s subtitles as the video plays with you watching it
  4. Pay someone to transcribe your video for you.

3. Add playlists to your YouTube channel

Playlists allow you to sort your videos by category, enabling viewers to find and share videos matching their specific interests.

To add a playlist…

  1. Go to the “My channel” page of your YouTube account
  2. Click “Video Manager” at the top
  3. On the left-hand sidebar, click “Playlists”
  4. Click the “New playlist” icon on the right-hand side
  5. Title your playlist, opt to make it public, hit create.

With this list of YouTube tips and hacks, you can make your videos really stand out.

If you want, you can even invite viewers to collaborate on your playlists.

How to invite viewers to collaborate: 

  1. Visit your playlists page, which can you find by first going to “My channel,” then clicking ”Video Manager” (same as steps 1-2 in strategy #1)
  2. Choose the playlist you want to add viewers to
  3. Click the “Playlist Settings” icon (to the right of your playlist’s thumbnail)
  4. Choose “Collaborate”
  5. Turn on the “Collaborators can add videos to playlist” option
  6. Then, send the link to anyone you’d like to be a collaborator on your playlist.

4. Add an end screen to promote your other videos

End screens are images that show up during the last few seconds of a YouTube video, with the purpose being to advertise other videos or content. End screens are beneficial because they help boost engagement.

To add an end screen…

  1. Click your “Video Manager”
  2. Click the “Edit” button on the video you want to modify
  3. Select the choice that says “End Screen & Annotations.”

With this list of YouTube tips and hacks, you can make your videos really stand out.

Then, you’ll find several options for how you make your end screen appear:

  1. You can add an element, such as a video or playlist, subscription, channel, or link
  2.  You can import from another video – just copy the end screen from one of your other videos and import it to your current video
  3. You can use a template – Google includes a bunch of end screen formats that you can work with.

With this list of YouTube tips and hacks, you can make your videos really stand out.

5. Create a custom URL for your YouTube videos

A custom URL makes your YouTube channel easier for viewers to recall. But there are certain criteria you need to meet in order to do this.

You need to…

  1. Have more than 100 subscribers
  2. Have a channel that’s more than 30 days old
  3. Use an uploaded photo as your channel’s icon
  4. Include uploaded channel art.

But as long as your channel meets these four specifications, you’re good to go.

To create a custom URL…

  1. Click your YouTube page’s Channel settings icon (the gear)
  2. From there, click “Advanced settings”
  3. Then, as long as your channel is eligible, you’ll view a “You’re eligible for a custom URL” prompt
  4. “Get a custom URL” will pop up, showing you a Google-approved custom URL
  5. Click where it says “Claim here,” then agree to the TOS (NOTE: Your custom URL can’t be changed once it’s created, so make sure you’re happy with it)
  6. Hit “Confirm choice.”

6. Add royalty-free sound effects and music

Sound effects and music make your videos more entertaining. You just need to be careful of audio copyright infringement.

Fortunately, YouTube’s Audio Library has tons of sounds and music that are totally fair-game for you to use.

To add sound effects and music…

  1. Make sure you’re signed into your YouTube account, go to your Creator Studio
  2. Go to “Create” on the left-hand sidebar, click “Audio Library”
  3. You’ll be directed to a page with a wide selection of free music and sound effects
  4. Once you find something you like, click the track’s download arrow on the far left and save it to your device.

With this list of YouTube tips and hacks, you can make your videos really stand out.

Here are 4 additional Creative Commons music resources for your videos: 

(NOTE: Not every track on these sites is up for grabs. But each source includes a decent selection of royalty-free music and sounds.)

  1. Free Music Archive
  2. ccMixter
  3. Incompetech
  4. Free Sound

7. Turn your video into a GIF

This is a fun and easy way to repurpose your video content and make it more shareable.

To turn your video into a GIF…

  1. Go to the YouTube video you want to turn into a GIF
  2. Change the video’s URL from to
  3. From there, you can do a ton of different things, such as add captions and stickers, crop, or use blurring, saturation, or padding effects.

With this list of YouTube tips and hacks, you can make your videos really stand out.

8. Save videos to watch later

Whether you’re at work or busy doing research online, you’re not always at liberty to watch YouTube videos. So the ability to save videos for later viewings is really useful.

To save videos…

  1. Go to the video you want to earmark for later
  2. Click the “+ Add to” icon beneath the video’s title
  3. Hit “Watch later” from the pop-up box.

With this list of YouTube tips and hacks, you can make your videos really stand out.

When you’re ready to view your saved videos, go to your YouTube channel’s homepage, click the three horizontal bars on the top left-hand side, then click the “Watch later” option.

With this list of YouTube tips and hacks, you can make your videos really stand out.

9. Create slideshows and set them to music

Video creation isn’t everyone’s forte. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from creating great visuals and adding them to YouTube. Slideshows are one way to do this.

To create slideshows…

  1. Go to your YouTube dashboard and click the upload button on the top right-hand side (look for the upward-pointing arrow with a horizontal line beneath it)
  2. A screen will appear that says “Select files to upload”
  3. Under where it says “Photo slideshow,” click “Create”
  4. Select and upload the photos you want to include in the slideshow
  5. When you’re done, click “Select” at the bottom left
  6. Drag and drop your images to put them in the correct order
  7. Click “Next” once you’re satisfied
  8. From there, you can preview your slideshow
  9. Adjust YouTube’s default settings to customize your slideshow (e.g. slide duration, slide effect, and transition)
  10. Select a music track under where it says “Audio” (you can also check “No audio”)
  11. Hit “Upload.”

10. Add a YouTube card to your video

YouTube cards operate like pop-up boxes, serving to draw viewers’ attention to a related thing they might be interested in (another YouTube channel or video). YouTube cards are another great way to boost engagement.

To add a card…

  1. Click your channel icon located at the top right
  2. In the box that pops up, click “Creator Studio”
  3. Select the “Video Manager” option from the left-hand sidebar
  4. Choose the video you would like to add a card to and click the arrow next to the “Edit” button
  5. Select “Cards” from the drop-down menu
  6. Click the blue “Add card” button
  7. Choose the kind of card you want to add (video or playlist, channel, donation, poll, or link)
  8. After creating your card, you can position it at the point in the video where you want it to appear.

With this list of YouTube tips and hacks, you can make your videos really stand out.

I hope you found this post useful! Let me know what you think of these YouTube hacks and if you have any others to share in the comments section below. 

With this list of YouTube tips and hacks, you can make your videos really stand out.

Simbi Tips, Tricks & Advice

[Note from Rachel: The following is a guest post from someone I traded with on Simbi.

She doesn’t focus on marketing things you can do, but here are some of the things I’ve found: virtual assistant support, ghostwriters, software developers, project managers, Instagram influencers who share tips, people successfully selling on Etsy to interview, and even people who speak Mandarin if you do any kinds of negotiations in China.

One quick thing: when you join, you need to complete a deal with a newbie to get access to all of the site. It’s easy and doesn’t cost anything, but a quick tip to get this done quickly would be to make your first service something like “Rachel Rofe Marketing Tip” or something. I say my name specifically because you can then search for other people who have that service and quickly share a tip and get the deal finished so you can get into the rest of the site. I guess it’s not exactly the point, but I’m a bit of a rebel and don’t care for that newbie unlock rule. ;)

And if this doesn’t make sense, you’ll see what I mean when you sign up.]

Enter guest article:

Welcome to the future! Well, not quite yet but you’re getting there. You’ve taken the first step by asking “What is Simbi?”. I’m sure that you’ve seen the name floating around your social media pages already, and with people getting simbi coins for getting you to sign up, it’s no wonder! Still, you probably haven’t gotten a clear answer. Simbi is short for “Symbiotic Community”, and that is exactly what it is.

Yet, that doesn’t tell you much either. This is a concept we haven’t had in quite some time. To put it in laymen’s terms, Simbi is all about trading. It’s a trade and barter platform, essentially. You can trade your services or your goods, so think about that Medieval Market that you’ve always fantasized about (okay maybe that was just nerdy me!), and bundle that into a website. You have everything from electricians to jewelry makers to blacksmiths. Yes, there are actually a blacksmith or two (at least when this article was written) that you can trade services or goods for! The idea is that everyone has a skill, so everyone can trade.

Does It Work?

Simbi seems like such a fun concept on paper, and it can be. However, it’s a lot of work too. Just like anything, you’re going to get what you put into it. If you work hard at enriching the community with your services and make sure to revise, check back, browse, search, answer messages and apply the techniques in this article then you’ll have a successful time on Simbi. It does work, and you can even check their Leaderboard awards to see who Simbi is working for best. These people often have tips, tricks and advice for you as well if this article isn’t enough for you, which will help you to get started.

What Can I Trade?

This is a question that so many people ask themselves, and if you really want to get started and be successful on Simbi, you don’t want to just list any service. You want to list what will be the most profitable for you while still enriching the Simbi community. Speaking of community, local chapters are starting to open up, so you might get the live action market soon enough! Be a part of the change, and to do that you’ll need your first service.

Right now, Simbi seems to mostly attract females. That’s because they’re the ones that think “well I can___” crochet, knit, embroider, create mugs, craft, make jewelry, bake or cook. You get men that offer these skills as well, but women are more often taught to be crafty. Thinking that Simbi is just for females is wrong though! There are many things that ANYONE can offer to this lovely community. Sure, all of those skills are needed, but to get Simbi working for you, you’ll need to offer something new.

Do you have a family recipe that you can cook, teach or offer? Do you have a really good car so you can offer rides? Do you DJ super well? Are you great at teaching a class for something? Classes could be couponing, cabinet making, gardening, landscaping, tiling, or so much more! Can you help someone with their car, motorcycle or even just help with an oil change or installing breaks? Everyone knows how much an autoshop can charge, so getting help with this could be great.

Can you create something like small wooden boxes, leather cuffs, or even just wood turn a nice pen? This would be great too. Maybe you aren’t super good with your hands, but I bet you have knowledge that could help as well! You can help people who are socially awkward if you have a silver tongue and make friends everywhere. You can host simbians in a spare bedroom, help to deliver groceries, or even go out and buy a birthday present for someone. There is so many possibilities, so you’ll just need to brainstorm a little. Hang in there, you’ll get some tips soon!

What Services Work Best?

This is a tricky question because it’s not really WHAT services you list but HOW you offer them. Every service can do well, and I mean that. you just have to know how to make your listing work for you. You need to:

  • Write a good description. Without a good description, no one will know what they’re looking at. You need to really make sure that it’s to the point without losing details. Make sure you’re clear, and show the value in what you’re able to provide people.
  • Use a good picture. Your picture will really sell your service for you. If you are teaching a class, show what that class can teach you or what the experience is like. If you are offering a product, you’ll want to have a few different pictures of the product.
  • Decide on a good ratio. Most people that are using Simbi successfully know what to charge for their service. The majority of people are using a 1:1 ratio from $USD to Simbi coin (often just called “simbi”). However, no one wants to work with ANYONE over a 2:1 ratio, and when you offer a 2:1 you’ll get less buyers overall, meaning you’ll earn less simbi overall.
  • Utilize the market. If you’re offering a product, you’ll need to either put it under services, and be clear you aren’t asking for shipping, or put it on the Simbi Market. Simbi Market allows you to get reimbursed immediately for any shipping that you’ll incur. However, if the shipping is very little, you may just want to include it in your Simbi price. Again, you’ll get more orders and there are tons of people who are doing this!
  • Utilize your tags. If you aren’t utilizing your tags correctly, which we’ll go over in a later section, you aren’t going to appear in people’s searches as well.

How Do I Choose Tags?

This is essential to making sure that people find your services or products. If they can’t find it, then you can’t make Simbi work for you. Think about it this way: If you were looking for your service, what would you type in? That is the easiest way to figure out what tags you have. If you think that other people are offering the same service as you, then you’ll want to type in the main words that describe your service such as “catering” and see what words other people are using.

If you see that they have things in common, put that in your tag too. It’s good to put some of these tags in your title and description as well. Go to the bottom, and then add the tags. Taking the catering example, it’d be “catering”, “BBQ catering”, “party catering”, “cooking”, “party help”, “dessert”, “dinner”, “snacks”, etc. until you feel you’ve redundantly described your service so that it’ll appear with any of these searches. If more people see your service, you’ll be earning more simbi!

How Much Time Should I Spend on Simbi?

You should visit Simbi each and every day if you want to be successful. Don’t worry, it’ll get just as addicting as Facebook after a few deals! Simbi isn’t just straightforward bartering. You’ll find that many people offer fun games, have you answer questions, and even the Simbi team will have easy requests to fill (you’ll learn about that section soon!) which will help you to earn points and build a real connection to the Simbi community. You’ll want to favorite what you like so that you can order later (maybe more than once if you’re like me!), reply to your messages so that Simbi doesn’t hide your listings (this is so that you only see active member’s listings so trades can work out), and post a request if you aren’t finding what you’re looking for.

It’s best to try and log on each and every day, and check out the “New on Simbi” section to see what people are now offering. After that, you’ll want to head over to the “Requests” to see if you can get your Helper Badge and see if you can earn simbi by fulfilling a request for someone. When you’re done, you’ll want to check out the “Matching” section to see if there are any direct exchanges you can make. IF you have services or products you can bundle, you’ll also want to take the time to see if someone likes more than one of your services/products and offer them a deal. Knocking your simbi price down even a little bit can get people to finally order! Think about it. In a real market, people do love to haggle.

Should I Wait for Them to Message Me?

NO! If you see you Match, message them. There will be some people that don’t reply, some people who won’t want anything but a direct trade, and then there are some people that just get distracted and forget to come back to your service. If you message Simbians to get what you want, you’re more likely to actually get what you want. Be the aggressor and send a message or two! Even our friends can forget to message us if we aren’t actively talking to them, so feel free to check in on pre-existing deals as well.

Why Follow Someone?

If you like a service or product that someone offers, when you follow them you’ll be able to see what they have to offer. I certainly recommend following people! When people follow you, you’ll be alerting them when you offer something new as well, increasing your chances of getting something bought for simbi! You’ll also see what other people are spending their simbi on when you follow them, which will give you more ideas so that your simbi doesn’t just pile up in your account.

How Do I Make Requests Work?

Logically, not every request is going to get fulfilled. With people joining every day, you may not be able to get your request filled immediately because there’s no one that can fulfil it, but someone that will join later can. This doesn’t mean you should just leave an old request up. Old requests will get buried, so make sure that you delete and post your requests again at least once a week for the best results.

If you really want a request to get filled, then you’ll want to make sure that you also are clear in what you’re wanting. If you aren’t sure how much simbi to offer, you can also post a price but tell people the price is negotiable. If you have any pictures, outlines, or anything you feel will help people fulfil your request and understand what you can talk about, put links to it or tell people to message you for more info. Just make sure you’re clear what you have that could help people to understand what you’re asking for better.

What Can I Use Simbi For?

If you can’t figure out what to use Simbi for, then of course it won’t work for you. Maybe you figured out what you can offer, but you have Simbi just piling up in your account. This won’t help you, and you’ll just get frustrated. Favorite the services that you like, and then make a word document that further has links to who you liked working with and what you liked getting. Look for things to spend your Simbi on, post up requests, and put the effort into spending your Simbi. Remember it’s a virtual market, so you’ll need to check out what’s being sold at the time.

Personally, I’ve used Simbi to get necklaces, mugs, beer steins, help with editing, leather work, blacksmithing, baking, catering, light shows for a party, housecleaning and so much more. The possibilities are really endless, and with more and more people joining what’s being offered is always growing. Simbi is a useful “currency”, but you have to browse the website regularly. I’ve gotten custom birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, things for work (yes! I’ve even got “branding” packages, business cards and more!), and just luxury items I wouldn’t usually be able to afford.

Start using Simbi, and enrich your life without having to spend your hard earned cash!

This free tool makes text-based designs in 2 minutes or less

Someone in Low Hanging System recently discovered a great free tool that allows you to create word cloud designs in pretty much any shape and color scheme you want.

You can use these designs to do things like:

  • Sell unique UGB products (mugs, pillow cases, etc)
  • Sell as digital download “printables”
  • Make your ebooks or blog posts pop
  • Create social media images
  • Sell! Ha – there are over 100 gigs on Fiverr for this at the moment. ;)

To show you what you can do with this tool I pulled a list of “happy words” off a random search and made some examples:

In their FAQ, WordClouds says “The word cloud images you create are yours to use any way you see fit. You are even allowed to use the generated word clouds commercially.”

That said, here’s how Michaela (my assistant) and I create and sell images with this tool.

How To Create Your Word Cloud Images

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click “Word list”, then go to “Paste/Type text to paste in a big list of words you want to include in your design. Tip: the more words, the better the final result:

In this example we’ve added words to describe dogs (happy, loyal, cute, etc.) and positive/motivational words (appreciative, amazing, etc).

Step 3: From the “Size” tab, decide what size you want your word cloud to be.

Michaela left the default size option selected, which is 1024 X 768. There are tons of options including a size for Facebook covers.

Step 4: Click the “Shape” button and either choose a shape from the default options or upload a design of your own (silhouettes work best).

Step 5: Decide whether or not you want to include a mask with your design. Having the mask turned on shows the shape’s shadow as the backdrop (see below).

Michaela decided it looked better to keep the mask turned on with the designs she made. But it’s totally up to you.

Mask On

Mask off

Step 6: Choose a color theme for your word cloud. Or, go to the “Colors” tab and select your own cloud colors and hit apply. Here, you can also adjust the color of your word cloud mask if you chose to have it turned on.

Step 7: Select the font you want for your Word Cloud words.

Step 8: Adjust the numeric sliding scale underneath the tab options.

You’ll need to play around with this feature to get your word cloud to look just the way you want and results will vary.

Step 9: Click the “File” tab and download the PNG of your word cloud.

Step 10: Decide how you want to sell your word cloud.

How To Sell Your Images

There are several ways you can sell your designs, but here are some of the main ways we’re using them:

1. Sell a digital printable. 

Michaela put some designs up on Etsy as digital prints that people could download and print. You can sell them individually or as a matching set (a mug + digital download, for example).

Here’s a description Michaela used in her listings – you’re welcome to copy and paste it:

This listing is for an instant download of 1 PNG file of original artwork. 

All you have to do is complete your payment and then your printable will be ready for download (no physical item is shipped to you).

This printable makes a great gift and would look fantastic hanging on the wall of [your target market, e.g. pet owners, people who crochet, etc]. 

How the process works:

1. Purchase the listing.
2. Once payment has been confirmed, you will be directed to the download page.
3. Click “Download” and save the PNG file to your computer.
4. When you’re ready, print the image, and enjoy!

NOTE: This is a digital download ONLY. Your purchase does NOT include framing materials. Also, final print quality depends on the type of printer and paper used. For best results, print your printable at your local photo center.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your download. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Thank you!

2. Put them on a done-for-you product. 

You can put your designs on any of the products on and then sell them on Amazon, Etsy, or eBay.

Posters are a perfect choice for this. So are photo boards, if you’re in LHS.

I hope you found this post useful. As always, feel free to comment below with your thoughts and/or results if you try it out.