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rachel-and-donThings here have been very, very busy. In no particular order: We welcomed a few hundred members into Low Hanging System, my sister got in a car accident (she’s OK, just did a lot of damage to her car), I had an inexplicable 24 hour bug on Monday, and I’m prepping to go to Jamaica tomorrow for a few days.

But as they say in Jamaica – Everything’s “irie mon” ;)

The picture to the left is from date night with Don on Saturday. We went out to dinner after spending the afternoon at a farm with my sister and nephew. My nephew rode another pony, went down a Monster Slide (6 second video clip), made s’mores, and basically did anything he wanted as he has me totally wrapped around his (adorable) fingers. ;)

I have a PDF of “Power Words” for you today. They’re words you can use to evoke emotion for your product listings, blog posts, articles, email subject lines, etc.

Research shows that headlines with these types of words are shared more (meaning more traffic, click-throughs, and conversions) and get stronger reactions from people.

And the good news is, it is VERY easy to include them. For example, with a product you can say something like:

“Beautiful golf coffee mug – Guaranteed to love it”

That has 3 power words in there – beautiful, guaranteed, and love.

You could talk about how this mug will be someone’s new obsession (power word), how it’s fully refundable (power word), how when you compare (power word) the mug to others, it’s the most attractive (power word). You can also remind people to get theirs immediately (power word).

Oh man, I could go on all day. ;)

(Side note: there’s a free tool that rates your headlines and use of power words from 1-100. You can use it right here.)


You can find the PDF of power words right here:

100 Words To Create Emotional Headlines

I hope it helps!


Ultimate Social Media Size Guide – Get the most from your social media images


I hope your day is going great!

Today I thought I’d give you a PDF that helps you get the most from your social media images.

See, if you’re using social media to announce things like blog posts, new products, and so on, you want to get as much exposure as possible. And if you don’t get your image sizing right you can lose out on quite a bit of traffic.

Take Pinterest for example. This is my current dashboard:


See how the first and third pictures get double the space the other pictures do? Which spot would you rather be in? ;)

Other sites have the same kind of thing going on, though the “penalty” might be different depending on which site you’re using.

Since resizing images is a quick win, I thought I’d give you a quick resource you can use to get the perfect dimensions for 7 of the most popular sites. I personally use this and give it to my outsourcers. It’s very useful.

Here it is in image form, or you can download the PDF right here (no opt-in required).



Download your Ultimate Social Media Size Guide by clicking right here (no opt-in required).



Want to know the best times to post on social media? Drumroll please…

Here are the best times to post on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Most people fall into one of 3 categories when it comes to posting on social media: don’t bother, randomly post and hope for the best, or spend WAY too much time on it. None of those are ideal.

Since I’m all about simplifying things, I wanted to share the BEST “bang for your buck” times for you to post so you can:

  • Get in front of as many people as possible
  • Post at your most impactful times (especially if you only post once every time you have something new to share)
  • Focus on other things – like going outside ;)

Michaela (my amazing assistant) recently found an article that compiled studies from 16 places to find the best times for you to post. Studies were compiled from places like Forbes, Buffer, Huffington Post, Fast Company, and on and on. The article is great – it’s just a little long, so we condensed it and added a few extras from other things we found.

A couple quick points:

– I am not advocating your using ALL social networks. Focus is great and not that you asked, but my vote is for you to pick one or two sites and maximize them. I’m listing 6 options here because I don’t know which one you use, or because maybe you want to quickly share your new blog post at the best time possible and move on.

– When I say “best times”, I mean times when you’ll get more views/engagement than any other time.

– The time zones listed below are dependent on the area you’re serving. If you work with people from Greece, for example, follow the European Time Zone.

For USA, 50% of people in USA are based in EST. 80% are based in EST or CST, so I’d pick one of those (unless you have drilled in data about which state most of your customers come from).

– These are based on overall studies and you may find that results are different for your specific business model.

Below, you’ll learn about the best times to post content to each of the major social media platforms so you can get the biggest bang for your effort.

When to post on FacebookFacebook

Best days:

Sunday (32% higher engagement)

Thursday (18% higher engagement)

Friday (18% higher engagement)

Saturday (32% higher engagement)

Best times to increase shares/clickthroughs:

1pm (gets you most shares)

3pm (gets you most clicks)


Other active time periods:

Saturday and Sunday from 12-1pm

Thursday and Friday from 1-4pm

Wednesday at 3pm

For more on Facebook, check out Viral Buyers System.


During the work week is generally best, with the peak time being at 5:00PM.

Best days:


Weekends (for B2C businesses)

Workweek during business hours (for B2B businesses)

Best times to increase retweets/clickthroughs:




Other notable time periods:

Wednesday at noon and 5–6pm

Monday – Friday at 12-3pm and 5pm

Some people have good results with 2-3 am, 6-7 am, and 9-10pm – test to see what your group responds to.

In general on Twitter I recommend recycling your posts so that they’re showing up as often as possible. It’s the one network where this doesn’t look super-sleazy because Twitter users are generally looking at their Twitter stream versus your page specifically.


Best days:

In general Saturdays are the best for posting on Pinterest, but the rest is niche-dependent. Some niches are covered here:

Sunday (for food)

Monday (for fitness)

Tuesday (for gadgets)

Wednesday (for quotes)

Thursday (for outfits)

Friday (for gif images)

Saturday (for travel)

Best times to increase reach:

Make sure to include a call to action – 80% of people won’t interact otherwise.

Saturdays 8-11pm

Fridays at 3pm

Worst time:

Work hours

Other notable time periods:

8-11pm with a peak of 9pm

2-4 am

2-4 pm

1-3 pm


Best day:



Worst day:

Sunday (very low engagement)

Best times to post:

8 – 9am

2 am

5 pm

Worst time to post:


Other notable time periods:

Monday and Thursday at any time besides 3-4pm

9pm – 8am for videos (posting a video at 9pm gets 34% more interactions)

Off-work hours

For a video on how I made a sale in Instagram in 5 minutes, go here.


Best days:




Worst days:



Best times to increase click throughs:




Other notable time periods:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5-6pm

Tuesday at 10-11am

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:30 – 8:30am

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 12pm



Best days:


Worst times:

Early morning

Late evening

Best times to post:




Other notable time periods:

Wednesday at 9am

Weekdays at 9-11am

So there you have it.

What do YOU think? Please comment below and let me know!

Here are the best times to post on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.