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I’m glad I thought the comments to this post over before responding.

Honestly, my initial reaction was to immediately defend the whole “it’s not a job if I like it” thing.That being said… you guys are right.

Just to clarify, I didn’t necessarily mean I’d take 5 letters every month – there’s months I like to just take off.But no matter how you look at it, it wasn’t the most intelligent of choices, especially considering my usual outlook on pricing and the fact that I’m no longer charging under $97 for anything unless it’s for a trial or to test out a market.

I might’ve spoke out of fear, too… closing all IM letters is going to take away most of my customers, I’ll be traveling a ton and will need more money, etc… but again, that wasn’t that intelligent – I don’t need to do copy (even though I really do love it and want to continue)… I just need to manage my money better. I went out to dinner with a friend who makes $35K a year yesterday (he’s going to college) and he’s in a better financial situation than I am, even though I made 4x that last year! (I hired him as my wealth manager.)

I think I might do that special thing Harris suggested once in a while just to learn about some new niches, fund random adventures, etc… but it’ll be just that – a special.

A few comments on some of your comments…

Harris: First of all, I love you! Thanks for making my day – that was very, very sweet. :)You brought up a lot of great points, especially the fact that people I write for at $997 or $1997 are different types of people than the $5k people. I didn’t think about that.I also kind of dig the “raising my price for IM industries” thing. People that are willing to pay more are actually MAKING more and so I won’t be peddling crap.

And happy birthday to Hudson (freaking awesome name btw)!

Rob: Just to clarify, I didn’t mean billables – just 5 letters to maybe 5 different people – I do agree with you that people wouldn’t really have a need on a monthly basis. :)

The protege idea is something I’ve been playing with, too. I’m working with an incredibly talented copywriter now… although like I said, I do write because I enjoy it… but just a) to help this awesome writer and b) as an extra stream of revenue… not a bad idea. :)

Jason: Grrrr, you’re right. Your comment was the one I was going to defend myself the most from, haha, so I’m really glad I slept on it. ;)

And by the way – I had a dream about you and Kami a few nights ago… I sold you guys your “dream house” in Portland (it was a house I used to own) and I was terrified you wouldn’t like it as much as the one you’re going for now (you just trusted me and bought it blindly), but you were both supernice and loved it. ;)

Micheal: First of all… AWESOME ON OCTOBER 31ST!! I love to hear that. Seriously, good for you!

Thanks for the comment, too… the “you are worth every penny” hits home more than you know. I don’t have hard times charging for products that I have with pen names, or with partners (and they’re always quality)… but I do need to do a better job of asserting my value when I work alone. :)

Dan: As usual, you’re right. :)I really really love the special idea. And you’re right – nothing annoys me more than someone who doesn’t appreciate good copy.

Angela: Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate your taking the time to write that out. :)As far as my personal cause – you bring up some good points. I actually do, once in a while, surprise someone with a sales letter or do a critique just because I know someone will value it.

I guess I don’t do FREE as much any more because…Well, I’ll copy and paste something that I posted to the Warrior Forum when someone said something about how if people really wanted to help, they’d give things away for free:

“I can tell you with stone-cold confidence that free doesn’t work… ESPECIALLY if you want to help people. I was going to give yayFOOD away for free for a long time… and everyone kept warning me against it. They all said that when people pay, even if it’s a small amount, they value it 10x more. I took it at their word, but REALLY discovered that with Internet Marketing. You wouldn’t believe how many stories I get… emails, PMs, etc… from people who say they really want my product but just can’t afford it. Some of the stories absolutely break my heart. I always used to give out free copies of products to people like that… I was estimating the other day that I’ve given out at LEAST $20,000 worth of product to at least 50 people.All I ask when I give stuff away is that people let me know how it worked out for them (not for a testimonial, I just want to make sure I was able to help).

To date, I haven’t received one story back. And I KNOW the stuff I put out is quality.Hell, one time I offered FULL SALES LETTERS – for free – to 2 people that I saw got screwed over in a Warrior thread. They paid $197 or something, and I offered them a $4000 letter… for free, just because I felt bad for them. The one that complained the most in the thread, talking about how much money he lost and how he really needs it… never even got back to me with my questionnaire. I actually decided yesterday that any time anyone asks me for anything again, I’m going to ask them to fill out an application, do certain things (get at least 3 backlinks to yayFOOD, etc.), etc… and then I’ll look into it. It might sound rude, but I believe it’s helping people more than anything else.

You bring up some fantastic points, though. Like I mentioned, I too love the special idea and I definitely think there’s something I can do to help more in that regard, I just need to figure out what it is.Thank you very much for the comment. =)

Taj: You’re absolutely right about people associating value with cost – and the people I want in my life aren’t people that are going to have a problem with the higher priced letters. A special, like many people were saying, will demonstrate the value – but an overall price drop was a dumb idea. :)

Good point on the subconscious value dropping, too. I have a ridiculous responsibility ethic (to a fault at times), but I think anything’s possible… ESPECIALLY if I started writing for people that didn’t appreciate it.You know, I have a good friend who writes $997 letters (she’s starting out) and she tells me of all the hoops people make her jump through when she writes for them… there’s no way in hell I’d deal with that.

Andrew: Awesome points. As soon as you posted I thought about my whole high priced thing and how I was contradicting myself… and the plumbing thing is a great point, too. =)You’re all right. Thank you all SO MUCH for your time responding to me.

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0 thoughts on “Comments to the last post…”

  1. Wade!

    So weird (well, not weird at all) – but I was just thinking of you right before you posted that!

    Thank you so much for all the kind words! They mean a LOT and I would love to catch up with you, too!

    I like the whole airplane analogy. That puts it in very “real” terms. :)

    As far as my goals – I haven’t posted them because they’re in the process of changing, but I’m not sure to what. I’m kind of re-evaluating a lot right now. Breaking certain sales goals has lost its appeal to me and a lot of material things aren’t as appealing either (not to say I’m a “money monk” by any means… I think it’s more complacency than anything else). I’m currently salivating over some grad classes at Harvard, excited to go experience Europe/Australia, etc…

    I’m hoping I get a bit of clarity as I travel. :) But that’s why the BIG goals haven’t been up there. :)

    Actually, I’m starting a new mastermind for the end of September in which I make a new $10k/month income stream… I think my goal for now is basically to get that done and start taking a zillion classes. Cooking, salsa dancing, the Harvard distance learning classes, more Toastmaster’s, etc… that’d be my ultimate goal for now.

    Those space shuttles sound AWESOME – what a great place to live! I’d love to take you up on that offer sometime (and thank you for it!) and like I said, would also definitely love to catch up sometime – both to hear about what’s been up with you and to finish the weight release talks!

    Thanks again for the comment – it was great to hear from you! :)


  2. Rachel,

    “You ROCK!!!!!”

    I’ve spent the past hour reading your blog, watching your videos, and trying to catch up on what’s going on in your life!!

    We’ve met a couple of different times – the latest was this year at Yanik Silver’s seminar with my friend James “The Stealth Copywriter” from Florida.

    I loved our conversation about the weight loss industry, my network of weight loss sites, your membership site, etc…. I hope that we get a chance to continue that talk about you & your journey!!

    I don’t post personally on many blogs, and when I do – it’s because I believe strongly in something or someone ….. and in this case, that special someone is……. “YOU” !!!!!

    Remember when you get on an airplane, and they tell you to put on the mask first to take care of yourself before you try to take care of others!! Well, you need to do just that!!

    Take Care of yourself – expand your horizons – and FLY FREE like you already are!! Write sales letters for people you like and want to write for and let your spirit fly free!!

    You have such an amazing way with words!!!!! And you have such a free spirit, that THE WORLD IS YOURS FOR THE ASKING!!!

    As for trying to help other people, I’ve learned a long time ago that those you try to help for free, NEVER WORKS OUT!! I tried that many times over, and I’m still guilty of it sometimes today, because I still think that I can make a difference in someone’s life!!!

    But what I learned is that “I DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLE’S LIVES!!! BUT ONLY FOR THOSE WHO WANT ME TO DO SO!!!” What I learned is that no matter how hard some one says they want some thing, they have to put ACTION TO THEIR WANTS before they really do truly want it!!! Otherwise, it’s just a WISH FOR SOMETHING – NOT A TRUE WANT!!

    Keep contributing your energy to the world, and your world will continue to bless you!!!!

    I read your post where you were going to possibly post your goals on your blog, but I never saw them there!! I’d love to see them, and I’d love to help hold you accountable!!!

    If you ever come back to Central Florida again, and you want to visit the Cocoa Beach area, I have a home about 10 minutes from where the Space Shuttles take off. Plan a trip around a launch date, and me, my wife and kids will show it to you by boat or right there on the beach where you can hear the sound and feel the rumble of the take off. It’s an amazing thing that I get to just walk out side and watch right here on the beach.

    Have a Wonderful birthday later this month!!!!!! And keep being that special person that everyone loves here on your blog and in real life !!!

    Until we meet again,

    Wade Thomas

  3. Jason,

    I can’t tell you how good you made me feel. THANK YOU.

    Seriously, coming from you that means a LOT. I can count on one hand the people I really hardcore respect that I’ve met through Internet Marketing, and you’re one of them.

    (Obviously I think of you as more than an Internet Marketing person now, but just saying. :))

    You’re completely right about the whole “too nice” and “handouts seldom work” thing. I guess it’s just something I have to keep fine-tuning.

    It’s kind of like with the whole money thing… do you buy anything you want because we live in a world of abundance, or do you scale it down because that’s responsible (but possibly putting you in a scarcity mindset)?

    …I’ll eventually get it right. :)

    And my dream isn’t going to come true because you’re going to get your dream house in San Diego!

    (Or the farm in Hawaii. ;))

    You rock Jason! :)


  4. You’re such a star.

    I think it’s awesome that your heart is in the right place and you want to help so many people.

    But sadly, people need to learn to help themselves first many times. I’m sure you’ve learned this by giving all that stuff away and seeing little to nothing in return. And heck, all you wanted was a feel good story, not $5000.

    That’s too bad.

    But you, are too good!

    You have tons to offer the world, and the people in it. And for you to cater to those that aren’t wiling to make a significant investment in themselves might just drag you down as well.

    I too would love to help all those that need help so badly. It’s not my goal to take as much money as possible from each person in business.

    However, we do have to remember that we are in business. And the more money we make, the more amazing things we can do for those people in need.

    Handouts seldom work.

    And being too nice often holds you down.

    Now that’s not to say you should be a greedy wench, but I’m confident that more people in the world will get more value out of what you do by accordingly pricing your services with what they are truly worth.

    More people will take action. More people will take you seriously. And more people will respect your time.

    And hey, time is money.

    In fact, time is 1000 times better then money.



    PS: Sure wish that dream you had would come true!

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