December 2014 Brags

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DECEMBER2014It’s time for another brag post. :)

Here a few things I’m proud of from December, in no particular order:

1. My podcast was downloaded 16,767 times.

2. My social media presence went from a total of 42,634 followers on December 1st on social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube to 47,163 on December 31st. That’s an increase of +4,529 followers.

3. I sponsored 7 senior citizens for Christmas and spoiled the heck out of them.

They each asked for one or two things, but I ended up filling their stockings with way more. Here’s a picture from part of my haul:

Sponsoring senior citizens | December 2014 Brag PostIt’s not so easy finding presents for senior citizens that you don’t know. I had no idea what their sizes were, their preferences, or their dietary requirements.

In case you ever find yourself sponsoring seniors, some of the things I added were: mugs, crossword puzzles, chapstick, tissues, toothpaste (some people asked for this as their main Christmas present!), back scratchers, pens, warm gloves, soap, cards of appreciation, and toiletries.

4. I organized a year in review + 2015 planning for my mastermind. I used the exact worksheets that I put in this blog post and it went really well.

5. Don had a very successful event at our house that I helped him with. We had a great time. We included fun surprises like a trip to Zappos and partying at Wynn hotel. Everyone learned a ton and had a great time.

6. I organized a little Christmas exchange within my mastermind. It went really well. :)

7. I went to Wichita for Christmas with Don to see his family and friends. It was nice to take a lot of unplugged time away.

8. I got a lot of work done on my upcoming Podcast Prodigy course, including interviewing John Lee Dumas. I also secured interviews with some other phenomenal people. I can’t wait for when this launches on January 16th.

9. I tracked my finances for December and had my highest net income month since I started 100% tracking in August. Yay!

10. In August, I spent $13,526.30. In September, I spent $13,675.90. in October, $10,559.07. In November,  $8881.45. In December, including Christmas presents like a $1k sauna, I spent $7192.90. That number includes all business expenses (where most of my money goes) and affiliate payments (since I haven’t created new products, they’re understandably not too high).

So those are some things I’m happy about! What about you? Brag away!

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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