December 2020 Brags

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Welcome to the latest round of brags (where I celebrate wins from the previous month) and as always, you’re welcome to join in the comments.

December definitely had some pockets of stress with the warehouse being wildly busy but there were some big wins as well.

Here are some of the most awesome moments, in sequential order:

  1. Early in the month before the warehouse was too crazy, I went to Mexico for a few days for a health event + stem cell treatment.

I had a wonderful time, met some new friends, and in retrospect it really helped position me for the warehouse stress later on in the month.

And side note – ever since getting the stem cell treatment, I have been feeling a bit more energetic and mentally sharp.

2. I kept getting a bunch of bad signs about the house I was supposed to buy, so I listened to my intuition and canceled the deal. I lost probably $15k+ but I know it’s the better decision and I ended up finding a house I love a lot more (which will close January 27th).

3. I signed up for a mentorship for 2021 all about “Journey Within” – I’m looking forward to more personal development.

4. I flew to Vegas to celebrate New Years with a few friends (yay for COVID antibodies) and went to the Wynn for a couple days before meeting the friends for a new video shoot.

The video shoot went great and the room was incredibly beautiful. It was a great place to write out some new goals for going into 2021.

5. My friend Tiffany went to Choice and wrote out a beautiful post about how much it changed her life. It brings me SUCH JOY to know that she went, and that my recommendation helped her so much.

6. People in Jumpstart got spectacular results throughout the month. Here are some of the latest reviews:

How about you? Any wins you’d like to celebrate? I’d love to hear!

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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