February 2014 Brags

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I’m sitting here at 3am, still in work mode, and it just hit me about what an awesome month I had last month.

I’m going to brag and welcome you to do it too. It’s so easy to always be in “what’s next?” mode, but damnit, I want to revel.

(Hopefully some people are awake to revel with me!)

Here are my February brags:

– I helped make 40 people #1 bestselling authors

– I had a goal to finish a course by Feb 28, worked hard to do it, and uploaded the very last video at 11:59 pm

– I exercised an average of 6 miles a day

– I traveled to Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Hawaii, and Jamaica

– I had the most romantic night of my life in Jamaica (which apparently was so captivating that people made a video about it. AND played it on a google hangout. AND posted about it over and over and over. thanks for all the press, guys! :))

– I got to be creative and write some 55 word stories (up to 4 now)

– I asked friends for help — something I don’t normally do

– I got someone else into the top #1000 for his Kindle campaign

– I finally got a spare table to do work with in my bedroom!

Wooohooo… feeling awesome over here! I need to do this every month!

If you have a brag(s) you want to share, post away. I’d love to celebrate with you. Big or small, all is welcome.

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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